First Mobile communication App in Africa.

Masi Lambo

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Apr 8, 2020
Bishop Sam Zuga to launch “SAMZUGA CHAT” App ON MAY 3, 202012:00 AMIN NEWS Not relenting on his dreams and visions to make Nigeria a better place by providing alternative job opportunities for the agile youths, Bishop Sam Zuga is set to officially launch the first Mobile communication App in Africa, also the best communication App called, “SAMZUGA CHAT” The App which is designed to work exactly and more effective than other communication APPS like, Whatsapp and others boasts of more interesting features. The launch of the “SAMZUGA CHAT” is in accordance with the Samzuga vision 0202-2020 and to step up the “AFRICA WAKE UP” sensitization campaign. The event which is slated to hold by 10am on Tuesday, May 5, coincides with the 49th birthday of the Bishop.

Read more at: Bishop Sam Zuga to launch "SAMZUGA CHAT" App

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