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May 19, 2011
The only

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I am sure i share with my fellow loyal Tanzanian citizen ,the arising struggle hopes that we need a truly new Tanzania which will collect the past mistakes done by our ancestors either for ignorance or inexperience as our nation has just 50 years passing through tough times of trusting the untrustworthy for we had no option (England and western world) ,even around 80% of our first constitution was a copy and paste from UK unwritten constitution which was made after a sharp and bitter experience they passed through which suit their life challenges,altitude and history.I believe for the first time we are ready to survive on our own ,basing on this ideology ,I think we need radical reforms in various sectors ,for to day I would like to share the following on Education sector :

A) From now the student who get pregnant while their in studies will postpone a reasonable time I suggest a year to
rise a child ,I mean i don see a reason you should expel a student for a reason she will corrupt others that
was colonial technic to refrain students to face the real world also they saw the as burden but for us they are
our sisters we cant allow normal and natural to make them decide who they want to be at the age of 13 year
,period !
That's gender inequality as only girl child face it.

B) No more expelling punishment for students ,for god sake this is wrong as how can you train a teacher all tools
necessary and by expelling a student He says I cant manage this student ,then the student is taken to a society
, that's not okay because if a well trained teacher admits that his skills are below the capability of molding a
student to be a future good citizen can untrained society ,friends and family handle that. Though I admit there
are student who needs extra measures to be future good citizens there should be schools special for the
(watukutu schools) or could be shifted to another school or a year break to a special psychology school which
may include drug rehabilitation.

C) Years spent in school should be reduced Primary to be 5 years secondary 3 years ,SERIOUS no A-LEVEL for it has
little to help a student in university,any PCB ,PCM students can study a sociology degree well ,but for natural
science studies there should be one year pre-university year only ,again NO A-LEVEL.and more than 40% should
after 2 years O-level Studies take a 2 yeas diploma in Agricultural studies 20% natural sciences,others 40%.

D) Curriculum generally 5 years of primary -English,swahili ,mathematics general studies itayofundisha siasa
,uzalendo,kusoma na kuandika ,Secondary ,secondary level first year atasoma 7 normal studies
biology,chemistry,swahili ,math etc atachagua ,ila form 2 ni combinanion ya two studies kama ni mhasibu basi
bookkeeping na commerce and a language apart from english swahili and france. akimaliza 2 years intro ni chuo tuu
tena cha proffession hususan kilimo mostly na sayansi kiasi sayansi,mengine kidogo itategemea mahiaji ya tiba ya
challenge za uchumi wakati huo.

Kwa kumalizia naamini umri wa mtanzania (life expectancy) ni 53 years by 2011 (world bank) so nafikiri watani wa kuanza uzalishji v/s kuaquire education and experience iwe 20 years ,miaka 20 we can use hi as sales person ,driver kwa wataosoma aweza hata kuwa mhasibu msaidizi by 30 anakuwa very experienced with practical life sio sasa 30 ndo anaanza kusambaza CV ,hata PPF hajui wanakata vipi mshahara afu ana masterz akiajiliwa anakuwa contract lawyer wa serikali anakutana na mwakilishi wa barrick ana miaka 24 ana masters pia na 7 years experience 3 at senior position ndo mikataba tunayoingia hii.

"Human life time is a limited and scarcy resource ,so we should economise the balance between education time ,experiencing time and enjoying the fruits of our results for a sustainable society"

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