DP In Belated Campaign For Igunga


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Aug 2, 2010
Sun, Sep 25th, 2011Sun, Sep 25th, 20
Sun, Sep 25th, 2011


Chairman of DP Rev Christopher Mtikila

The Democratic Party ( DP) will launch its campaign for Igunga parliamentary seat on Wednesday, three days before the by-election on October 2.

Speaking with the ‘Daily News' on Monday, the DP candidate, Mr Said Makei Cheni, said the Chairman of the party, Rev Christopher Mtikila, had been out of the country and officials could do nothing in his absence.

"The chairman is now back. My party has an asset of more than 8,000 members. We will definitely make it," said Mr Cheni.

Meanwhile, the Igunga District Returning Officer, Mr Protace Magayane, has written to the CCM District Secretary on the conduct of Tabora Urban MP Mr Ismail Aden Rage.

Mr Magayane told the ‘Daily News' on Monday that he was following up on complaints lodged by CHADEMA's Chief of Legal and Constitution, Mr Tundu Lissu, saying Mr Rage addressed a campaign rally with a pistol on his hips, contrary to ethics governing elections.

"I am writing to the party today (Sunday).The Ethics Committee will meet and decide the course of action," he said.

However, according to Mr Magayane, the ethics committee was not expected to take harsh action in a bid to end it amicably and proceed with elections. He admitted to have received various complaints on foul play by political parties and their followers at campaign rallies.

"I am going to issue a statement. Sometimes chaos is part of the political game but it shouldn't be left to create uncertainties or scare voters," he said.

Mr Magayane said tight security will be maintained during the last week of the campaigns as well as on polling day, and that some of the election materials have been distributed since last Saturday while ballot papers and boxes will be distributed to all 427 polling stations on October 1.

In another development, a journalist with ‘Dira ya Mtanzania', Mr Mussa Mkama, was attacked and injured by thugs as he went to Pick Hotel for an exclusive interview with CCM special seats MP Ms Esther Bulaya.Mr Mkama said he could not establish why he was beaten, but reported the matter to the police.

By PIUS RUGONZIBWA, Tanzania Daily News


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Jan 5, 2010
DP hivi tendwa hajakifuta hiki chama kwani kinakiuka sheria ya vyama vya siasa hakina wanachama zenj na inataka muungano ufe maramoja

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Jun 10, 2011
"I am going to issue a statement. Sometimes chaos is part of the political game but it shouldn't be left to create uncertainties or scare voters," he said.

The quoted statement in red above is the ridiculous statement given by government official who is responsible to take action agaist intimidaters. So far we can determine that the government officials were aware with the incidents but they were relactant to take action simply because CCM members were in action.


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Nov 9, 2010
Homeboy Mtikila tafadhali usipoteze pesa yako kaa uile vizuri na uwaachie siasa wenye nguvu sasa you are a spent force


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May 9, 2008
Siasa utakazofanya Igunga zitatusaidia kujua safari hii fungu la kampeni umepewa na nani. Kama ni Rostam au JK tutajua tu sababu tunajua wawili hawa wanashindana huko waziwazi.

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