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Michael Paul

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Nov 2, 2010
College admissions is a tough game. Even the most proactive, organized, and prepared students need help with their applications, essays, and financial aid forms. Add the complexities of applying to colleges from another country, and the process can become downright unbearable. This week, we ask:

Q: What are some tips for international students to keep in mind and how are they evaluated compared to U.S. students?

A: Three things matter for U.S.-aspiring international students.

Steve Loflin, founder and CEO, National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Extracurricular activities matter more than you think. U.S. colleges look for well-rounded students and grades are not enough. Showcase anything you've done outside of classes, from volunteering to work part time, or playing an instrument.​

SAT scores matter. Unless you studied an internationally recognized curriculum, odds are that universities will have a hard time interpreting what your transcripts mean. Whether they admit it or not, schools will use the SATs to evaluate whether you have the academic chops to be at that school.

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