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Does Edward Hoseah condone corruption?- Please Send this Message to Him

Discussion in 'Jamii Intelligence' started by Sophist, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Sophist

    Sophist JF-Expert Member

    Mar 31, 2012
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    Does Edward Hoseahcondone corruption?
    Bothersand sisters,
    Itis disbelief and paining upon hearing a disappointing statement made by EdwardHoseah, the Tsar of Tanzania anti-corruption agency (PCCB) in Arusha yesterday (March30/2012), when attending a regional good governance workshop. Hoseah, withoutmincing a word, stated categorically that his agency, PCCB, did establish withno doubt that no Tanzanian was involved in the BaE air traffic control system (radar)corruption scam (ITV, clips, March 30/2012 20.00hrs/7.00hrs March 31 newsbulletin). And pompously said he, "had any Tanzania been involved in thescam, you would have seem us." What a shame?

    Whata shame Hoseah? Now the public should know why Sailesh Vithlani, the BaE corruptiontransaction agent for Tanzania, vanished at the hands of PCCB. The culprit musthad been aided by Hoseah, as he too extricated Andrew Chenge (home boy) and IdrisaRashid; the known beneficiaries of BaE radar money so far.

    Onemay wonder if a PhD does anyway help corrupt holders to think beyond noses! Hoseahhas a PhD but fails to disentangle a paltry logic; if no Tanzanian was involvedin the BaE scam, whom did the latter bribe when Tanzania bought the outdatedradar ten times the price? Otherwise, the logic would be, either Hoseah tellingTanzania public that Mkapa Government executives were mere bunch of fools whonew nothing about the transaction they committed or that there was no corrupttransaction at all. And who are those fools? And why should Tanzania beg to receive80bl/-pay back compensation from BaE? But again, did fools left the Government,and when? If not, how does Tanzania prove that 80bn/- is a genuine compensationfrom BaE?

    DefinitelyTanzanians will know for sure that Hoseah and PCCB are a burden as grandcorruption is transacted at their help. What a shame?

    TheController and Auditor General (CAG) report for the period ending June 30/2010indicates financial loss in the Central Government alone, of Tanzania shillings362,026,933,382.25 (US$ 242,987,000) (CAG, 2011). During the same period and bysimilar circumstances, the Local Government Authorities LGAs) are reported tohave lost Tanzania shillings216,333,003,720 (US$145,199,500). Neither PCCB nor Hoseah will happen to have aremedy to corruption in Tanzania.

    Tanzaniais globally known for her worsening grand corruption status in which personalitiesat the centre of the state institutions are known to be fully involved. Moneylaundering has escalated beyond control; EU and US have already warned the Governmentto the effect. Tanzania is on the verge of risking the international moneytransfer embargo. The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the Government isalmost frozen, but it responds to money launders wishes rather than officialstate functioning machinery. We know who is doing what, their aide crooks/henchmen,and the means the use to facilitate their ill-gotten dirty money. One can now clearlysee why money laundering is thriving in Tanzania; PCCB and Hoseah are frozenalready.
  2. ubun2

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    Mar 31, 2012
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    The absurd denial that no Tanzanian was involved in radar scam in utter nonsense!! When evidence was presented publicly by SFO with account numbers. Shameful!! This stinks of massive coverup & also sends a message to the people of Tanzania that there will be no accountability in Tanzania today. NO accountability. This denial gives the corrupt vultures freedom to loot the nation and its people. This is WRONG!!! A sovereign nation is committed to the rule of law of the land, & no one is above the law, not even the President!! Protecting the corrupt is WRONG! Tanzanians should just shut PCCB down since having there for denying corruption is not doing its job & wasting taxpayers money.