Difficulties in Conducting Background Checks.



Jan 21, 2012


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Due to ethical issues in our Society, most of the organizations around the globe now days prefer conducting background checks for their new recruits or prospects. Te task may be conducted internally or outsourced. When outsourced, the consultants do it for certain amount of payment according to the terms agreed.

Every organization wants the best candidates who will deliver in a shorter period after being employed. At the same time they want an applicant who has clean records for criminal and other misconducts. That the candidate should not have any bad references from previous employer(s) and society in general.

The problem comes on how to conduct the so called background check for prospects by consultants or human resource practitioners. Some consultants and HR personnel do fail in this exercise. The failure comes from different angles starting with scope of their investigation, collection of the information, analysis of the information and preparation of the report for the employer.

In the scope, the consultant may deal with one character of the applicant which is negative and leave others positive and strong than the former. Unfortunately, even that character they chose might be misinformed or wrongly reported. This happens when investigator receives the information from one source.

Further to that discrepancy, after getting the information they fail to analyze it deeply to balance the story to avoid bias. This is important because every job category has its unique characteristics to consider which may be different from another.

When the information received is shallow and not analyzed properly, there is a high probability that the report to the employer will be incomplete. The report will be full of opinions instead of facts. Some consultants don’t know that there times the applicant should be faced to get clarification on some issues without affecting either part. This is very difficult to manage if the consultant is not a real investigator.

In short if background check is not handled properly it may end up losing the best candidates for bad ones. This is not only losing a best candidate but also can cause legal problems if the prospects will be wrongly exposed to unethical issues.

Background checks should be done professionally with professional investigators who know when and how to approach it. For more information, contact us through; www.homeland.co.tz or info@homeland.co.tz.

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