Did you know the benefit using ARV


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Aug 21, 2019
Hello Jf
ARV stand for Anti retroviral and literally mean drugs against HIV that cause human immunodeficency syndrome (AIDS)

The following are know benefits of using ARV

1:It reduce the HIV loads in the body of affected individual.

2: It allow your body immunity to rebuild

3: It help the body against opportunistic infections like candidiasis, Pneuocystic Jerovicee pneumonia and Kaposis sarcoma

4: It reduce risk of mother to child transmission during labour and or during delivery

5: It reduce the risk of HIV transmission among discordant couples.(i.e those one partner has HIV but not to other)

Note: effective use of ARV is one of the best method of fighting against HIV

Now the ministry of health is advocating test and treat strategy. Now you don't have to wait until a certain level of CD4 to start the ARV dose. If you will found to be positive for HIV you can start ARV as soon as possible.

Join the fight and be advocate of timely iniciation of ARV for the good outcome both for individual and public health.

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