December 2012 end of analogue use - TCRA


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Jul 30, 2008
Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority has announced that December 2012 will be the end of analogue use n the country.
TCRA director general Prof John Nkoma said this yesterday at a media workshop on digital broadcasting migration from analogue to digital held in Dar es Salaam.
The DG told the editors that they were expecting a national coverage of the digital technology. Prof Nkoma said a good policy was needed to ensure the growth of the communication sector.
“We have seen this sector growing due to competition. For this to happen there is need to be a good policy, laws and regulations,” he said.
He said the minister for communications would soon approve new regulations resulting from the passage of the Electronic and Postal Communications Act, No. 3 of 2010 (EPOCA).
The Act was passed by Parliament on January 29, 2010 and assented to by the president in April 2010 and became operational on June 18, 2010.
For his part, Habbi Gunze, director of Broadcasting Affairs in TCRA, said that a move from analogue to digital broadcasting started back in 1997 in Europe and America.
He said Tanzania initiated the migration in 2005 after issuing a public consultation document on how digital broadcasting may be managed, regulated and implemented.
He stressed that the digital process in Tanzania was policy-driven and not market-driven.
Frederick Ntobi, TCRA deputy director of Broadcasting Affairs, said change from analogue to digital broadcasting would have a big impact on the broadcasting value chain, with subsequent impact on consumers.
“The migration from analogue to digital broadcasting will affect more than 9 million TV sets in Tanzania,” he noted.
Ntobi said the users would have to buy decoders in order to receive digital signals in their analogue TV sets.
“A public awareness campaign is needed to educate the stakeholders and the general public on how the migration is going to affect the way they used to watch TV,” he stressed.
Ntobi said the migration process would involve change from analogue terrestrial free to air services to digital platform.
William Lan, managing director of Star Media, said that the digitalization was an irresistible development trend in the broadcasting industry.
“To enable every household to have access to digital TV, afford digital TV, watch good digital TV and enjoy digital TV is a high mission for all the governments and players in the broadcasting industry,” he said.
Already the company has invested a total of USD 238 million, he said.
The country has planned a deadline for the use of analogue in 2012 while the deadline set by the International Telecommunication Union is 1215.


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