Conspiracy and intelligence total departure


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Feb 17, 2011
[FONT=Helvetica Neue, HelveticaNeue, helvetica, arial, sans-serif]This is neither game nor a theory but a reality. People now are giving in to world surrendered to Satan. We have witnessed uncontrollable weapon ownership [/FONT]and [FONT=Helvetica Neue, HelveticaNeue, helvetica, arial, sans-serif]legalized gay marriage. It is now a turn to total stupid vicious cycle leading to nasty composure.If not Satan, who may be in control now? Prostitution legal.......guns legal......vices legal.....soon shall be announced anything legal.Hear this: ''[/FONT]US states becomes the first to legalize recreational marijuana pot shops on January 1, 2014''. and a comment reads....''[FONT=Helvetica Neue, HelveticaNeue, helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Give it six months, and when other states see that the sky didn't fall and the revenue we are producing, I beli[/FONT][FONT=Helvetica Neue, HelveticaNeue, helvetica, arial, sans-serif]eve this will spread just like gay marriage," [/FONT]Telluride Bud Co's Raleigh said[FONT=Helvetica Neue, HelveticaNeue, helvetica, arial, sans-serif]. "You just can't stop the [/FONT]will of the people[FONT=Helvetica Neue, HelveticaNeue, helvetica, arial, sans-serif]." [/FONT]May be the will of perverted people, who do not think and wish to recall the upright demeanor. [FONT=Helvetica Neue, HelveticaNeue, helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Revenue production....never mind whether marijuana (bangi), liquor (gongo), prostitution (umalaya), soon will come human traffic and cocaine (unga) anything at disposal. people want money at any expense. Sell uranium, enrich and make more bombs. I nearly science we started from big things like making computers, crossing male donkey and female horse up to DNA (dot.molecular weight). But what next Antibiotics fail, antiviral useless, conflict mitigation is now propagation. Useless world[/FONT]

[FONT=Helvetica Neue, HelveticaNeue, helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Tell me is it a conspiracy? Is it a secret engineered plan to bring confusion? What is it? I failed to understand. Yet we call these civilization and democracy. Above all this is coming from western developed countries.

I agree if you go higher and higher until there is no place to move is time to go down. To keep developing or civilizing our friends in western have interpreted to go back to primitive ways. Forget about integrity. Do whatever your hand (mind) have to do. The world is heading down and down to peril and endless pit. Christian call this fall...the end of the world. The world terminates itself. Do not look for big and weird signs to see the world is ending. But you may ask, after the fall what next? That is good question, something new will emerge. Just like this world came. What is that? Perhaps the New world (never have been before). Who will be the ruler....SUPERNATURAL. Let us witness the world fall and collapse. SUPERNATURAL POWER is another subject here. May be someone understands this supernatural no! Heresy and difficulty to comprehend.

Way forward: Do not waste time making this world a better place, it is useless. Make sure you plan to live successively in the soon coming world. Invent whatever yo can. Inquire more of this supernatural position, perhaps you may end up happy person in the coming world.

The discussion is open....just comment as you wish. I presume this will have a long discussion because i need to bring some evidence in future. Some signs now happen but i prefer the tomorrows

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