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Oct 22, 2016

Meat, is something you are guaranteed to find in each and every food outlet or eateries , provided they are not strictly vegeterian outlets. Meat is consumed by a large percentage of earth dwellers . Animals ; fishes; birds and humans alike all eat meat (obviously not all of them)

There are many different kinds of meat ; which can be prepared differently. Some like it cooked , while others prefer it fried or roasted. Mutton , pork , chicken , beef and fish are some of the most readily available kinds of meat . You can also buy wildlife meat from selected butcheries.

America holds the record as the biggest producer of beef, while India is the biggest exporter of buffalo meat. Botswana ; Namibia and Zimbabwe are the trio African dynamic producers of beef .

In Botswana, foot and mouth disease significantly reduced the powerhouse's beef export. While in Zimbambwe , beef exports into the European Union has struggled over the past few years. Farm invasions of 2000 under former president late Robert Mugabe displaced many cattle ranchers.

Namibia , despite its own difficulties has signed a new protocol to export beef to Hong Kong , bone- in and de-boned meat. In each and every continent animals are killed some brutally everyday to quench people's thirst for meat , some experience bad treatment while being transported to abbetoirs , something that doesn't sit well with animal rights activists.

Below is the list of countries that consume more meat per person in Africa.
Country Pounds
1 Gabon 146
2 South Africa 129
3 Mauritius 109
4 Cape Verde 101
5 Seychelles 78
6 Libya 74
7 Central African Republic 73
8 Morocco 66
9 Mauritania 65
10 Namibia 62

These are the list of countries that consume the most meat per perso in a space of a year .


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Aug 2, 2019
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Nyama za south bana sipendi wanazifinyanga sana kwenye majiutumbo, kitu Dar bana wee

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