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CCM pledges nationwide ‘cleansing’ drive

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by regam, Apr 14, 2011.

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    Source: The citizen, Wednesday, 13 April 2011

    By Mkinga Mkinga
    The Citizen Reporter, Dodoma.
    The newly reorganised Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) yesterday pledged to cleanse itself by making reshuffles from district to regional level across the country.“We cannot be talking of reorganising the party at the top level and forget the lower level,” said the newly picked CCM publicity secretary, Mr Nape Nnauye. Mr Nnauye has succeeded Mr John Chiligati in leadership changes that political analysts say aim at cleansing the party that of late has been involved in controversial decisions.

    He said the party’s reforms will begin to be implemented by first reshuffling underperforming leaders in the districts and regions before addressing other crucial issues.Mr Nnauye said the party’s new secretariat will tour all regions in the country, beginning with Dodoma, the CCM headquarters. Members of the secretariat will then go to Morogoro, Coast, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar where they will meet party members.

    “The cleansing of the party will definitely involve its district and regional secretaries who are the main supervisory personnel,” he told the first news conference since he was elected to the post. He added: “Our first challenge is to cleanse the party itself before dealing with members who are tarnishing the good image of the government.”
    On Tuesday, the party’s newly appointed secretary general, Mr Wilson Mukama, put on notice what he termed as corrupt elements within the party’s echelons.

    Mr Mukama, who succeeded Mr Yusuf Makamba in the much-anticipated changes to reinvigorate the party, which is under increasing challenge from the opposition, is a former seasoned civil servant. He warned party members implicated in corruption scandals to either quit or be prepared to face the music. For the party to regain its credibility in the eyes of the public, he said, it would have to front members not tainted with corruption.

    However, Mr Mukama did not name names, appearing keen to let the corrupt sort themselves out.
    Some CCM members have been implicated in high profile graft scandals. These include the infamous $30.8 million Kagoda Agriculture Company, the controversial $172 million Richmond emergency power contract and the Sh221 billion Bank of Tanzania Twin Towers construction rip-off. Yesterday, Mr Nnauye quoted the English proverb saying “charity begins at home” insisting that the ruling party will make sure that it cleansed all bad elements within its ranks.

    “We are obliged to ensure that the party fulfills its obligations to restore its credibility, not only to its members but to all Tanzanians,” said Mr Nnauye. He admitted that there have been CCM members who were not happy with the way things were moving within the ruling party and decided to support the opposition as the only way of consoling themselves.

    “Our defeat in most constituencies was fuelled by our members who opted to vote for opposition parties after they were frustrated by their party,” he said. Mr Nnauye announced the party’s imminent mission hardly two days after its National Executive Committee announced a new line-up. Captain (rtd) John Chiligati was declared deputy secretary general for the Mainland, Mr Vuai Ali Vuai his counterpart in Zanzibar and Mr Nnauye the party publicity secretary.

    Mr January Makamba took the post of head of foreign affairs, replacing Mr Bernard Membe, the minister for Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation. Mr Chiligati has succeeded Captain (rtd) George Mkuchika, while Mr Vuai has taken over from Mr Saleh Ramadhan Feruz.

    The NEC, one of the ruling party’s top decision-making organs, also announced names of members of its Central Committee. Notably dropped were political heavyweights such as Igunga MP Rostam Aziz and his Bariadi West counterpart, Mr Andrew Chenge. The new Mainland CC members announced by President Kikwete are: Messrs Abdulrahman Kinana, Abdallah Kigoda, Steven Wassira and William Lukuvi as well as Ms Zakia Meghji, Pindi Chana and Constancia Buhiye.

    Zanzibar CC members are Dr Hussein Mwinyi, Dr Maua Daftari, Messrs Shamsi Vuai Nahodha, Omari Yusuf Mzee, Makame Mbarawa Mnyaa and Mr Mohamed Seif Khatibu as well as Ms Samia Suluhu Hassan.
    Members of the party secretariat are: Messrs Mukama, Chiligati, Mr Vuai, Makamba (Foreign Affairs), Mungulu Mchemba (Finance and Economic Affairs) and Nnauye (Publicity) as well as Ms Asha Abdallah Juma (Organisation).

    President Kikwete also named the new NEC members as Ms Anna Abdallah as well as Messrs Peter Kisumo, Mchemba, Makamba, Ali Juma Shamhuna, Emmanuel Nchimbi, Mukama and Haji Omari Kheri.