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Jan 31, 2012

vision 2020+

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Excel Outsourcing and Management company is Looking forward to Hire Cargo Specialist for Dare salaam Office.
The position will be responsible for handling cargo and inland marine claims in the region; successfully negotiating settlements; verifying coverage; appropriately setting reserves; and successfully completing investigations.
Checking, tallying and documenting cargo using manual and automated data processing systems Loading and unloading supplies and equipment from watercraft, docks, beaches, railheads, boxcars, warehouses, motor vehicles and aircraft Operating and maintaining all types and sizes of winches, cranes and forklifts Loading supplies into trucks, transport planes, and railroad cars using forklifts Loading equipment such as jeeps, trucks and weapons aboard watercraft, using dockyard cranes Packing and crating boxes of supplies for shipping Inspecting cargo for damage Planning and inspecting loads for balance and safety Checking cargo against invoices to make sure the amount and destination of material are correct

Helpful Skills:
Helpful attributes include:

  • An interest in working with forklifts and cranes
  • A preference for physical work
  • An interest in general office and business mathematics

Application: Send your CV To or for Help call 0717109362


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