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Can Brain Concussions Cause Early Death?

Discussion in 'JF Doctor' started by Chenge, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Chenge

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    Apr 11, 2012
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    [h=2]Can Concussions Cause Early Death?[/h][​IMG]This is a question that probably isn’t thought a lot about. It wasn’t until a short while ago that the NFL (National Football League) actually started doing things to help with the many concussions that happen in this football league.
    In this same football league there were two men that played on the same team but they both got so many concussions that they don’t even remember being on the same team! A wife of one of the players went and complained about it and this led to what is called the 88 plan. That was one of the football players numbers. For each pro football player that qualifies, they get 88 thousand dollars a year for health care, if they have had a concussion. Basically they want the players to use the money to get things like MRI scans so that they can monitor the players brains to see how the concussions are healing.
    The major symptoms for a concussion are dizziness, nausea and lack of memory and hallucinations. There are probably more but that is all I can think of at the moment. The easiest way to tell is if they can’t remember what day it is and if you look at their eyes one pupil (the black dot in the middle) will most likely be quite a bit larger than the other. It’s really important to not let a person with concussion fall asleep soon after the accident or if it’s nighttime and they need to sleep they need to be woken up every few hours to check on their level of consciousness. Sleepiness can be a sign of a much more severe head injury.
    Concussions can lead to a permanent brain injury because when your head suddenly hits something and stops, your brain keeps moving and slams into your skull and can bruise the soft tissue. The most deadly part of the concussion is actually the second phase which is called the “contre coup”. This is where the brain rebounds off of the first hit to the skull and then continues to travel to the opposite side and slams into the skull there. This leads to even more bruising which can lead to bleeding in your brain and brain cells can be killed. In most cases, the brain can still heal if you give it time. But if you get another concussion before the first one has had time to heal then you are in big trouble. The damage can be extensive. This is why it’s so important that athletes come off the field if they have suffered a concussion and do not continue to play. Also once you have had one concussion you are 4 times more likely to have a second since it usually takes less of a blow to get one a second time and then it takes longer to heal.
    The first thing you do if you get a concussion is go to a doctor! The second thing you could do if you get a concussion is get an MRI or CT scan. You can’t really see a concussion but you can see if you have got internal bleeding. That way they know if your brain is really actually bleeding.
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    image: Kota Kinabalu 06 – MRI scan of my brain from Ben Beiske through the Creative Commons Content
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  2. a

    abdalah Member

    Apr 11, 2012
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    no unless there is substantial concussion.
  3. Tai Ngwilizi

    Tai Ngwilizi JF-Expert Member

    Apr 12, 2012
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    severe concussion can cause death after few minutes, mainly because of rapid increase of intracranial pressure.
    concussion is caused by an external force on head causing trauma/ injury to the head and to the brain. brain injury without trauma (non traumatic brain injury) is not not diagnosed as concussion