Bellamy Brothers - Beautiful Body

Yona F. Maro

Nov 2, 2006
If I said you have a beautiful Body
would you hold it against me?
If I swore you were an angel

would you treat me like
the devil tonight?
If I was dying of thirst

would your flowing love come quench me?
If I said
you have a beautiful Body

would you hold it against me?

we could talk all night about the weather

could tell you about my friends out on the coast.
I could ask a lot of crazy questions

or ask you what I really want to know.

If I said ...

rain can fall so soft against the window;
The sun can shine so
bright up in the sky.
But daddy always told me
don't make small talk;
He said: "Come on out and say
what's on your mind".

So if I said ...

If I said ...

If I said
you have a beautiful body

would you hold it against me?
Mkuu Shy .... nilikuwa sijaiona hii. Aaah, you took me back along memory lane.. do! Hii ni kati ya zile zilzokuwa ninanikuna saaana! hata leo ikicheza inabidi nitulie niisikilize hadi mwisho. One of my favourites


There's a reason
for the sunshine sky
there's a reason
why I'm feelin‘ so high
must be the season
when that love light shines
all around us

So let that feeling
grab you deep inside
and send you reeling
where your love can't hide
and then go stealing
through the summer nights
with your lover

CHORUS Let your love flow
like a mountain stream
[ Lyrics found at ]
let your love grow
with the smallest of dreams
and let your love show
and you'll know what I mean
it's the reason

Let your love fly
like a bird on a wing
let your love bind you
to all living things
let your love shine
and you'll know what I mean
that's the reason

So let the wonder
take you into space
and lay you under
it's loving embrance
feel the thunder
as it warms your face
you can't hold back

Enzi hizo nko primary I use ti like dis song japo lyrics sikua nazzifaham but naupnda sana japo naupiga mara nyingi hauniboi!

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