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Apr 27, 2011
Gene explains why treatments fail some with asthma.Poor response to inhaled steroids likely inherited* Understanding could lead to personalized asthma drugs.Genetic differences could explain why some 40 percent of people with asthma do not respond to inhaled steroids used to achieve long-term asthma control.U.S. researchers have found that asthma patients who inherited two copies of a specific gene variant were far less likely to respond to steroid inhalers than people with two copies of the more common version of the gene."This finding helps to explain the genetic basis for the long-standing observation that some people do not respond well to what is a common asthma treatment," The findings point the way to more personalized treatments for asthma, an inflammatory disease that affects more than 22 million .Inhaled steroids work by reducing swelling of the airways.The study illustrates the importance of research examining the relationship between genetic makeup and response to therapy for asthma, and underscores the need for personalized treatment for those who have it,"

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