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AIRTEL Internet users...

Discussion in 'Biashara, Uchumi na Ujasiriamali' started by Chiluba, Mar 5, 2012.

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    Mar 5, 2012
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    This was an article in the Arusha Times regarding possible fraud
    against AIRTEL prepaid internet users:

    Dear Editor,

    I decided to write the Arusha Times today because after months of
    working with Airtel to fix a serious issue that affects prepaid
    internet users, I was finally told the truth today. That truth? "NO.
    Now go away"

    I am a very experienced network engineer & security auditor from the
    US with 26 years of IT work under my belt. After moving here to do
    volunteer flight medical work, I bought an Airtel modem and subscribed
    to the 3GB/Week plan. Being a computer geek, I use A LOT of bandwidth.
    So I finish 3GB quickly, and then recharge and do it again. I quickly
    realized however, that it was cutting out before using the full 3GB I
    paid for. Having the access, I installed professional grade network
    monitoring software to see what was happening. I did this on several
    computers, with several SIM cards. What I found was that the service
    would cut off after only 1.5GB of usage, or 2.3GB, or only 1GB.. etc,
    randomly. I would check my account balance and Airtel would respond
    that I had used 3GB of data.

    I brought this to the representatives at the Clock tower office. It
    didn't take them long to get a response from their technical staff
    that yes, they could see this happening, and that I wasn't the only
    one to report it recently. By the time of writing this article, I have
    lost (pro-rated) 130,000 TSH from this. All the while being assured
    that I would be refunded and that this issue would be fixed. For FOUR
    months I was strung along, always being told it would happen soon.
    Finally today, I demanded that the refund be issued, and that I be
    given contact information for someone up the corporate ladder to speak
    to. I was told that they aren't authorized to give this information.
    That was it. Not only were months after months of my time wasted, but
    even worse, who knows how many other customers are being defrauded
    because they aren't as technically proficient as I am? Now, I want to
    take a second and mention that while Airtel has failed miserably in
    both honesty and customer service, the representatives I worked with
    here in Arusha, despite being unable to accomplish anything for me,
    were very friendly and understanding. I hold no animosity in their

    So in the end, the fact remains that Airtel is taking money for a
    service and giving less than what is being advertised. They have
    decided to acknowledge this while at the same time refusing to do
    anything about it. Why should they? They are getting free money from
    us! Beyond that however, is the blind greedy arrogance to deny us the
    ability to resolve our issues with them civilly. Support emails go
    unanswered, repeated trips to town are necessary to follow up, and
    when finally given a flat denial.. access to those who have the power
    to do WHAT'S RIGHT is blocked.

    So here I am. Thank you Airtel for giving me incentive to be proactive
    and fight back.