African election Philosophy: KIMUKI


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Oct 11, 2006
The New African KIMUKI Philosophy is a school of thought followed by Kikwete, Mugabe, and Kibaki to stay in power despite any negative election results. It invalidates all election results unfavorable to the incumbent. This philosophy has one characteristic precondition: the electoral body must be made up of the incumbent's henchmen bestowed with the final authority on the election results. No any other court of law is allowed to handle any case questioning those election results, even if they were cooked on a charcoal stove in the open sunlight!. Followers of the the KIMUKI philosophy use their henchmen in their respective electoral bodies to remain in power using two methods. The first method is to delay the release of the election results, and declare the incumbent the winner at the last minute followed by a hasty swearing in ceremony. The second method is only a follow-up on the first method when things take a corrugated course; it has many tentacles: (a) the incumbent can "welcome" the real winner to form a coalition government using fancy names like Government of National Unity; the incumbent maintains near absolute power in that government. (b) the electoral body can destroy the election results and prepare prepare the incumbent for a fake runoff election where any sinful method known in the book will be used to accumulate votes for the incumbent.

Have you followed the Ivory Coast story? That is KIMUKI in action.

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