A Open Letter to My President DR. John Magufuli of Tanzania


New Member
May 16, 2017


Dear Mr. President,

First of all I would like to thank the god for the life he has given us.

Allow me to congratulate you personally and on behalf of the citizens from Tanga Region and Tanzanian as whole on your inauguration the first five years of the presidency of the United Republic of Tanzania. I would like to take this opportunity to express my high appreciation to you and wish you good health, prosperity and further success in your noble mission. I am confident that under your guidance and leadership the United Republic of Tanzania will pursue effective ways to address the challenges our country is facing.

The world is facing a medical emergency far graver than what we have experienced in over a century. Mr. President, your victory and fight against Corona-19 in this is a proof that Tanzanians have become well informed. You have decided to take urgent and drastic measures to manage the disease, protect the people of your country and reduce the impact of the virus on our society and on our economy.

We all commend the achievement made by the Minister of Health, Community Development, Gender, seniors and Children guided by Minister of health hon. Ummy Mwalimu, Bank of Tanzania (BOT) and other Public and Private sectors in Tanzania. Tanzania has shown a good example of how to manage the pandemic, and other countries including Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda could learn and take necessary action accordingly. I’m among of you Mr. President who oppose Lockdown in our country. For this I give you a lot of congratulations and you looked very far especially ours future. The lockdown has already disproportionately hurt marginalized communities due to loss of livelihood and lack of food, shelter, health, and other basic needs. On this good occasion, I am honored to offer my heartfelt congratulations to Your Excellency

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Regional Commissioner of Tanga Hon. Martine Shigela by taking the right measures at the right time and make Tanga safe. I extend my appreciation too to the companies, organizations and individuals, who have taken it upon themselves to disseminate information about this virus, raise awareness and educate communities. Finally thank to doctors and nurses who are at the frontline of coordinating our response and those businesses that have taken steps to protect their employees, and those unions that have taken steps to protect their members.

Fellow Tanzanians,

The government has taken this disease seriously; include economic, social and strategic measures, important things to advise my fellow Tanzanians on the corona, the first to remove the fear. I have great trust that our people will respond positively to this call to common action. This epidemic will pass. But if we act together, if we act now, and if we act decisively, we will overcome it. But we do not need to fear

Mr. President, Please accept, Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration along with the best wishes for continued success in your endeavour to bring growth and prosperity to the people of Tanzania.

Yours sincerely,

Hassan B. Kandoro

IT Specialist

Email: hassainkandoro51@gmail.com

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