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Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by SANID, Dec 1, 2011.

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    Dec 1, 2011
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    …………’’AMAZING TANGANYIKA’’…………..
    Being a Democratic state means you observe its principles and rules, like Multiparty, the rule of Law, Constitution, Equality, Freedom of speech and etc.
    Tanzania is the Democratic state, no doubt of that, but does it nourish its terms and aspects? Is there the entire freedom to its people?
    Being a Tanzania is one of the great chances one has to be given. One who is not a really Patriot and often denies his/her county reasonably lacks something and that(thing) should be added into his intellect otherwise his presence will one day bring confusion and lot of destructions within the society and country as whole.
    Tanzania is an independent county ever since 1961’s cent. And no doubt of that. And now is more than 50 years since we were mindly set free and not Politically, Economically neither socially nor Culturally independency, why? The Question of Fact.
    Saying 50 Years or a Jubilee sounds well and simple enough; But we should reasonably and Question ourselves and if not, will make a further step forward in retarding and detaining our development to a better position we ever thought of.
    Sort of such Questions are; Are we really set Free? If yes, the position we are is it relevant to the time we spent such freedom? And growing in accordance in all if not few aspects, do we? Is our stability and patriotic oriented to our nation? And the resources available, do they meet the adequate of Tanzanians? And the gap between the poor and the Rich? How do you see?
    Relying on the concept that the stability of any country is built by the people of the same country, the same nature (origin), built with full of devotions and patriotic within the particular persons.
    Believe and Relying on the self-spirit, but where does such spirit come from, if our Leaders never Create any opportunities on such particular Job, but still arguing and having so many explanations and suitable answers. May be they are not creative enough, or being in a position glued by the greed to power out of efficiency or self-motives?
    Turning on Investment, Is the burning issue not even in Tanzania but also beyond the border. Real in any Democratic state we cannot evade this, otherwise our one-third step forward, our development will be turned fifty times step back-ward from our oriented goals, e.g. Libya, Iraq, Somalia and some other countries.
    But are we to afraid on that if our steps and decisions taken bring a better life toward our people? Being so stable on that question is where I find Patriotism point of view and rigidity in whatever we decide and plan.
    Where is our country heading to? This nation has been Grabbed by the slogan Democracy, the super organizations ( IMF, WB, EU, UN) and developed nations on fulfilling and implementing their decisions on what they see its better and bring satisfactions before their eyes.
    Turning on Investment once more, does it bring any blessings to our people? Do those said created opportunities (If any) meet the targeted groups (poor ones)? Now days there are so many political Forums held in so many places around the country. We here lots of challenges and bright future images, if not imaginations and illusions from spoken words out of any action of our Leaders.
    Having a strong doubt of fellow Tanzanians on the Passivity and Reasoning on those ideas and opinions given, though not neglecting all. Always arguing and reasoning why fellow few Tanzanians, if not majority especially those in a good position accepting regardless call to mind the reasoning intellect, accepting with full of joy and rejoices?
    Where is the problem? Is it Education, Reasoning, or Self-Motives on their self stomachs? I have no doubt saying most of African brain capacities are of highly doubted regardless (not so often) to some who are well and more elites.
    Will be of highly admired and respected if each one of us, would recall and implant the national spirit and devotion our late Mwlimu had for our country.
    Reminding you brothers and sisters what Mwalimu had on Arusha Declaration was our real stepping stone towards the real development, which starts from EQUALITY. If there will be no equality, a huge gap between the Rich and the Poor, no freedom of speech and assembly.
    There will be no the real Progress we are dreaming to, and we will remain with the slogan Democracy which through the Foreigners and the Black colonizers (our own leaders) Humiliate the Needs and Rights of the poor.
    I am not against Democracy, doubtless, but I am astounded with the passivity of the word Democracy by our nominated Leaders, do they observe the terms of Democracy? Democracy will stand still for those who let it do so.