625lb Mother Who Ate Herself To Death (pictures Inside)

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Aug 9, 2011
Lanoise, born in Haiti, started gaining weight aged 16, following the birth of her
first daughter, Witelane. I used to be skinny but after I had my first baby I got so big.' she told Asiantown.net. As her weight skyrocketed to more than 600 lbs, she spent her days sitting in bed wrapped in sheets as she couldn't find clothes to fit. She first came to the media's attention in 2010 when she was forced to stay in Haiti for three months after the earthquake, because she was too heavy for commercial airlines. she was virtually housebound for almost two decades with her daughters washing, feeding and caring for her. She died in March, after being given less than a year to live by doctor's who had been waiting to give her potentially life- saving stomach surgery.

Documentary charts 12 months in the life of the 625lb mother who ate herself to death | Mail Online

More pictures .................

More pictures.....................


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