14 Kenyan Celebs who started from the bottom and are broke again


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Oct 17, 2010
According to rumours, the singer had rented a Toyota V8 (among the flashiest rides in Tanzania) from Kiumbe.

The “Number One” singer has apparently failed to fully settle the car’s pending debt, after months of flossing and rolling with it causing Kiumbe to reclaim it.

Diamond has been spotted without the car and his fans are waiting to see what he steps out with next.


Which made us want to make a list of Kenyan celebs who started from the bottom,and are back there again:

1.Ruth Matete

For sometime now, rumour has it that Tusker Project Fame (TPF) 5 winner is broke after lavishly spending the Ksh.5,000,000 she won at the end of the show.

However, Ruth has refuted these claims, stating that she went on holiday to Zanzibar with her boyfriend, and furnished her house for quarter a million.

Ruth even went as far as explaining how she spent some of the cash.

Sh.980,000 – a car (Toyota Premio)
Sh. 500,000 – tithe to her Church (House of Grace)
Sh. 70, 000 – mobile handset (iPhone 4S)
Sh. 90,000 – bash for her friends and social media supporters and campaign

Broke or not, we are yet to see or hear any song that she has recorded. If she is not broke, she could be fast headed to that direction.

Ruth Matete

2.Abbas Kubaff

The former K-South member has been rumoured to have gone broke, and living under the care of a sugar mummy.

After performing shows worth as little as Ksh.2000, it is alleged that he ventured into an unrealistic business that failed, and he is selling selling bread at Ksh.3000.

Abbas Kupaff aka Doobiez


The young “Under 18” hit maker’s misery began with his dalliance with the brown bottle.

He recently almost lost his life after he was involved in a serious road accident that happened on October 5, 2013.

Jimw@t underwent surgery on his right leg, after he fractured both legs, and his right arm, and later had another operation for his left leg.

On visiting him, philanthropic artist Jaguar promised to clear his operation bill and gaveJimw@t’s mother Sh80, 000 in cash.

Jaguar visits Jimwat in hospital


This flashy rapper almost got stuck in Dubai after a show he was to perform turned out to be a major flop as he found he was the only fan in the audience. The coast based rapper who relocated to Nairobi and formed an alliance with Prezzo had to plead for help to get a flight back to Kenya. This confirmed our fears that the artist is a hand to mouth celebrity.


6.CMB Prezzo

The lad is known to flaunt his wealth with abandon. What many don’t know is that Prezzo is not as rich as he appears. Controversial socialite confirmed this when she went all ballistic on Prezzo calling him a broke mama’s boy.

Jaguar is also reported to have said:

‘’I support him. He is broke and he badly needs the cash. He is better in modeling, acting and flossing than he is at music.’’

CMB Prezzo

7.Bobby Mapesa

He was once one of the most sought out Kenyan rapper despite his vulgar lyrics. But the alcoholic rapper has gone down the drain with no hit song to prove his lyrical prowess. He is rumoured to live in Huruma near Mathare slums under huge financial crisis.

Bobby Mapesa

American accented delivery coupled with his easy flowing rhymes made him a household name in Kenya.He was once one of the best rappers in Kenya and even traveled abroad for some shows. His tribulations started when he could not control his alcohol cravings sliding to oblivion. He reported to having difficulties making ends meet and has become a permanent fixture in Rongai Shopping Centre. Kantai is working on making a comeback.


9.Shaevy and Slice
The duo wowed us with the dancehall hit single “Gyal” that is said to have topped Jamaican charts! Their single received enormous airplay but the two remained in abject poverty.

Shaevy is rumored to be a matatu conductor with the Kayole buses. He is also a regular beggar of weed and cigarettes in the streets from his fellow lost brothers. Apparently he lives in squalor in Kayole under massive financial troubles.

Slice on the other hand is said to be hard on weed and a jobless in the street. More shocking is that he sometimes goes insane as a result of drugs and he still lives in his parent’s home.

Shaevy and Slice

10. Hopekid

2013 Groove Award for ragga artist of the year Hopekid is struggling to pay bills in Kayole. He is also rumoured to be notorious in conning churches and individuals around. Several churches have complained for having being conned by Hopekid after sending him money only to fail to attend the concerts and never returns the money back. An example is a church in Kayole known as Victors of Faith church in Kayole and a customer who sold clothes to him only to vanish.


11. Kalamashaka

These are the legends credited for starting hip-hop movement in Kenya. They were so popular that they travelled all over the world. But currently, they are totally broke, one of their group member is rumoured to sell njugus in pubs around Umoja estate.


12.Circuit and Joel

They are famous for the vulgar song “Manyake” that was banned in some TV stations. Despite their once famous hit, they have nothing to show for it. The two cousins separated and each launched his own music career but things didn’t work out. Sources reveal that these two former super-stars are in a financial crisis.


13.Uncle Konias
Uncle Konias of the “Merimela” hit song is also rumoured to be broke. Merimela is one of the most pirated songs in Kenya despite the massive airplay that it received. The young artist still lives in Kibera slums under abject poverty.

Uncle Konias

14.Mr seed

He came into limelight after hit single “Papa God” that he featured MOG. But the rather cunning MOG fleeced him of his royalties and after the hit song, he couldn’t make another hit. He currently lives in Kariobangi under his parent’s care and he is said to have gone back to school after music frustrated him.

Mr Seed


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Jun 14, 2011
Wakenya kwenye uwanja wa buruddani ni ziro kabisaa.

Hapo nimeona jina moja tu, prezoo.

Hao wengine wanajulikana zaidi Kibera na Mathare.


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Feb 7, 2013
Mtu atusaidie kutengeneza orodha kama hii ya waTZ. Nakumbuka kuna waTZ wawili wamewahi kuvuna vitita Bigbro Africa. Ukwasi wao ukoje? Kweli pesa nyingi sio issue bali mali nyingi.


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Feb 25, 2017
Tatizo la wasanii wa Africa wana contracts mbovu!!! Yaani mtu anachukua kazi yake na kumlipa vihela kidogo anawehuka... Kwa sababu ya umaskini hawaoni the big picture na kuangalia kuendesha kagari cha kifahari sasa... Ndo maana wengi wanapotea kirahisi.. Wanalewa umaarufu na kushindwa fanya kazi!


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Feb 7, 2013
Tatizo la wasanii wa Africa wana contracts mbovu!!! Yaani mtu anachukua kazi yake na kumlipa vihela kidogo anawehuka... Kwa sababu ya umaskini hawaoni the big picture na kuangalia kuendesha kagari cha kifahari sasa... Ndo maana wengi wanapotea kirahisi.. Wanalewa umaarufu na kushindwa fanya kazi!
Lakini pia yawezekana huwa ndoto zao ni finyu sana na ni za karibu mno. Au la wameingia kwenye tatizo la kutojua tofauti ya mali na pesa. Historia za matajiri wengi zinaonyesha kuwa watu wanaofukuzia fedha badala ya mali, huzipata fedha kwa wingi lakini kwa kuwa fedha hazina sifa ya kuishi muda mrefu huondoka zake na kuwaacha wakiwa hohehahe!

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