1. Abdalah Abdulrahman

    US embassies in African countries and their history in inciting fear, violence, terrorism, and state instability

    As far back as 1990. The US embassies have been connected with a documented record of greediness which has caused blood shade in many countries particularly in African states in the name of democracy and human rights. Many of the global crises over the past few years – coming from Syria, Iraq...
  2. Abdalah Abdulrahman

    My opinion on mendacious statement from US Embassy on Tanzanian election 2020

    Incompetent ambassadors are the main reason for low levels of cooperation between the two countries. If you want to understand why some countries get in conflict, under co-operate relative to their potential and eventually weaken their international relation — look no further than the quality of...
  3. Simon Martha Mkina

    President Magufuli exploits his incumbency

    Tanzania’s election is scheduled for October 28, and although there are 15 parties in contention only two have any real chance of victory. Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), the ruling party since independence in 1961, has never lost an election. It is led by incumbent president Dr. John Magufuli who...
  4. Gef

    Usaidizi files za Usimamizi wa Uchaguzi Mkuu 2020

    Hellow guys, nimeona files kwa ajili ya wanaohitaji nafasi za Usimamizi wa Uchaguzi katika vituo vya kupigia kura nimeona za majimbo mbali mbali tz na dar pia nimeona za ilala,segerea,kigamboni,ukonga etc ila za kinondoni na ubungo sijaona ..please kama kuna mtu anaweza iweka huku please naomba...
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