Why is Internet world Stats underreport Tanzania internet penetration

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Oct 31, 2009
Pan-African telco group acquires Tanzania’s ISP Raha
By João Marques Lima Published: 11:36, 9 February, 2017 Updated: 11:36, 9 February, 2017


Telco takes over company’s network, data centres and customers and promises to expand fiber footprint in Tanzania and beyond.
African telecommunications group Liquid Telecom has acquired Tanzania’s internet service provider (ISP) Raha as demand for communications and internet access in the country grows.

According to the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA), internet penetration in Tanzania has increased in recent years reaching 40% in 2016, with more 19.8 million using either fixed wireless, mobile wireless or fixed wired internet services.

However, Internet World Stats says the country’s internet penetration has only reached 14.5% of the population as of 2016.

Yet, the country is in the midst of a speedy telecom revolution, with 80% of the population now either using fixed or mobile communication services, according to the TCRA.


Source: TCRA

With the acquisition, Liquid Telecom, a subsidiary of Econet Global, will take over Raha’s 1,500 clients and 400 km metro fibre optic network throughout the Central Business District (CBD) of Dar es Salaam as well as other areas of the Tanzania capital.

Liquid Telecom’s fibre network will run from Cape Town, in South Africa, up through Dar es Salaam and onto Nairobi, stretching over 40,000km and connecting 12 countries.

The M&A will also enhance Liquid Telecom’s East Africa Fibre Ring, which connects Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania with direct connectivity to international subsea cables.

Liquid Telecom said in a statement that it plans to invest further in the rollout of fibre across Tanzania, to enable greater access to high-speed, reliable broadband for more businesses and households.

Through the acquisition, the telco has also become the owner of Raha’s data centre facilities in Dar es Salaam, which the company said it will “develop and enhance”.

Nic Rudnick, Group CEO, Liquid Telecom, said: “Tanzania is a rapidly growing and dynamic African market, and through this acquisition we will be able to greater support the demand for internet access across the country.”

Pan-African telco group acquires Tanzania’s ISP Raha - Data Economy

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