Why do people fail to fulfil their responsibilities


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Feb 8, 2011
Responsibilities are all the duties that every one in a common,society or organization has to fulfil.They are part of life and enable us to achive our goals. Responsibilities differ from one person to another as they are affected by some factors such as age,sex,and levelof education,health condition and enviroment.
Despite the fact that
responsibities are essential in life as they help one to grow
physically,mentally,and socially.yet there are irresponsible people in society.This can be due to a number of factor such as,
1-Ignorance.This is lack of knowledge concerning ones responsibilities and their importance.Their exist a good number of people in community who do not knoe their responbilities,and the benefits of fulifiling them e.g many students realize that their responsibility is other such as respect,care for person properties,contest for leadership etc
2-Laziness.Is the chief factor of irresponsibility. Many people who understand ansd are aware of their dutie but fail to perform them because of their laziness
3-Lack of motivation.This is driving force which energies us to get on with our duties.as all human are not the same.others need extenal drive or force in order to fulfil their responsibilities.such people are living in society with no people to motivate then hence fail to fulfil their responsibilities.
4-Procrastination.This tendecy in which a person takes on something is to be done on specific time and keepit aside to be done later.As this becomes one habit,it keeps his time in turmol and he neclects his duties.
5-Corruption.Is the illegal use of ones power for person profut any people tend to run away from their responsibilities and would use illegal means enable to succeed without sweating.
6-Poor management.A failure to the right place in right way and at the right time
This makes a person not to be able to do more, and weigh what is the most important at that time.
7-Poor planning.In order to carry out all our responsibilities smoothy and in right way we need to make a health plan, for a good planning one should consider the resource available, mainly the time.Planning beyond one's ability lead to the failure to fulfil his or her duties.
8-Over dependency.Keeping yourself in a condition of too much depending on others may lead you to neglecting your duty.
This is a serious problem,which exists when there is a dut to be done by more than one person.
Other factors such as luck of selfawareness,strong determination and self-acceptance may also lead to irresponsible people inorder to succeed on life we have to plan and choose,this is achieved mainly by perfoming all our duties
be bless

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