Where is the bus going to?


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Feb 8, 2012


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On a Trotro going, from Circle to Nungua, after my evening lectures the phone of a girl sitting close to me rang, she picks it and said:

"Honey, I'm in a bus going to Koforidua for the burial, I will call you when I get there".

Another girl's phone rang, she said:

"Sweetheart, I'm on my way to Kumasi for the masters degree form, please send me credit for the trip".

The other one's phone rang, she said:

"Alhaji sorry, I'm on my way to Cape coast for the interview, i will call you later.

A guy who was sitting at the back of the bus suddenly raises his voice in anger:

"Driver, stop please, park this bus, where exactly is this bus going to??
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