When will this madness end?


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Aug 30, 2007
Why is it Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda can produce world class athletes yet we continue to perform poorly. The incompetence, corruption and laziness of people in this country is just amazing. When will it ever end?

Germany expert envisages deterioration of athletics

By NELLY MTEMA, 3rd October 2011 @ 12:50, Total Comments: 0, Hits: 34

THE German Sport Expert, Hans Peter Thumm has predicted deeper deterioration of athletics standards in the country, saying the Athletics Tanzania (AT) is riding on a dirty road.

Thumm, who has been in the country for four-years under the German Tanzania Sport Project in his overview of athletics, said the association needs reorganization and focused leaders for the country to regain the lost glory.

Thumm accused the athletics governing board management of being incompetent in spite of the fact that those at the AT’s helm were athletics legends.

“I have worked with them as an expert, but they need to put their house in order, if they really want to excel,” Thum called upon the AT management.

He said there was lack of talent identification system and proper grooming of young athletes and that has been denying the nation a continuous supply of young athletes.

Thumm who is winding up the project prematurely on what he said the government has failed to observe the terms in his contract, added that AT needs to learn from their East African colleagues if they are to excel.

He said, AT has been concentrating on middle and long distance runners neglecting the sprinters where he suggested the country has an abundance of short distances runners.

“Not everybody is a runner, they need to look at short distance and field events as well where almost 80 to 83 per cent of the potentials have been neglected,” he lamented.

He also called for special efforts in women, whom he said, Kenya and Uganda have of late been benefitting from ladies’ outstanding performance.

“You can’t blame that you do not have female runners while you don’t train them to become one, but this needs concerted efforts from all concerned parties,” he said.

Thumm said lack of development concepts in various sports associations will keep the country lagging behind since even the expertise they hire from outside will not perform without one.

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