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Mar 10, 2006
Meddy Mulisa Bukoba
Daily News; Wednesday,October 17, 2007 @00:06

FOUR members of the same family roasting a hand grenade mistaken for a sweet potato were blown to pieces when the device exploded as they circled an open cooking fire in Biharamulo District yesterday.

Acting Kagera Regional Police Commander Adihaki Rashid, told reporters that the lethal weapon had been picked earlier from a nearby bush by Chacha Juma (10), who took it home to cook thinking it was a potato. Their house was also severely damaged.

Commander Rashid said the explosion was so intense that the heads of two of the bodies were blown off while the other two were shredded into pieces, with an arm here and a leg there. A 60 year-old woman, Mungushi Nyamhare, who happened to be passing nearby, sustained severe head injuries and was admitted to hospital in serious condition.

Mr Rashid identified the dead as the boy, Chacha Juma (10), Jane Isa (10), Peter Isa (4) and their step mother, Mbusilo Isa (27), all residents of Mabare village in Nyakahura Ward. The village is near a closed camp formerly used by Rwandan refugees.

The identity of the device was confirmed by military personnel from a nearby Tanzania People’s Defence Forces (TPDF) camp, Commander Rashid further said.

This was the second incident this year involving deaths caused by unexploded ordinance in the area. Two people were killed earlier this year when a hand grenade also exploded as curious villagers toyed with it. Police have warned people to handle strange metal objects with caution.

Other deaths traced to unexploded devices left behind by military combatants, also occurred at Lunazi near the border with Uganda. The device was suspected to have been left behind during the Uganda war against Dictator Idd Amin nearly thirty years ago.

Meanwhile, Hamis Juma (27) allegedly hanged himself because he had failed to repay a loan for 1m/- he took from the National Microfinance Bank (NMB), Commander Rashid said quoting a note the man left behind.
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