Wanajeshi wa Uingereza nchini Kenya walazimishwa kufanya Mapenzi bila kinga

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Jul 20, 2023
Maafisa wa ngazi za juu wa jeshi la Uingereza wameshtakiwa kwa kuwakaribisha wanajeshi wapya kutoka Uingereza waliotumwa katika kituo cha kijeshi cha Nanyuki nchini Kenya kwa kuwalazimisha kufanya ngono bila kinga nchini humo.

Kutokana na ripoti iliyoandaliwa na jarida la Afya ya Kijeshi la Uingereza limeripoti ongezeko la virusi vya UKIMWI na magonjwa ya ngono kwa asilimia 5 kwa wanajeshi waliopo Kenya ikikilinganishwa na asilimia 0.2 ya wanajeshi walio Uingereza.

Takriban wanajeshi 10,000 wa Uingereza hupelekwa Kenya kila mwaka kufanya mazoezi ya kufyatua risasi kwa muda wa wiki nane.



British soldiers in Kenya 'having unprotected sex with prostitutes' as part of initiation​

Senior British soldiers have been accused of initiating new recruits deployed at the Nanyuki military base in Kenya into having unprotected sex with prostitutes as part of hazing, thus exposing them to sexually transmitted infections.

This is according to a report published in the UK-based Mail on Sunday which reveals that the new recruits can decide whether to wear a condom or not at the toss of a coin as part of an initiation process.

“The more senior soldiers would flip a coin – heads you could use a condom, tails you could not,” said the report written by the British Medical Journal Military Health.

The claims have reportedly alarmed Defence bosses in the UK due to the prevalence of HIV/Aids in Kenya, where it affects five percent of Kenya’s population compared with 0.2 percent in the UK.

The report also warned of soldiers' growing patronage of prostitutes close to the British base in Nanyuki, with some services even offered at barber shops, as revealed by a senior officer who had gone for a trim.

When the haircut was complete, he was ushered towards a back room and shown a number of female sex workers,” the report said. The barber then asked if he would like any 'extra services.'

The officer told how he was shocked at how suddenly the events unfolded, and said he related the encounter to demonstrate to other soldiers the proximity of sex workers and to advise soldiers on 'how to politely decline any similar offers'.

Around 10,000 British troops are deployed to Kenya every year to carry out live firing exercises for up to eight weeks.

On their return, soldiers were quizzed on the use of prostitutes, who hang around outside the base, for a study which has been published in the British Medical Journal Military Health.

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