What should be learnt from arab revolution?



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Jun 5, 2013


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I salute you all great thinkers of the world, I am also declaring that this is my first post here in JF after a number of years of reading a number of interesting facts. I can say that even though it is not always great thinkers who post and some conversations are not so easy to follow, it remain a platform where you can get something to think about throughout a day.

I have enjoyed reading number of topics regarding the arab revolution before , during and after revolutions as well as now in regards to syria and turkey. There are number of opinions about whether there are success or failure in the process. But yet I have been contemplating the entire story but I fail to draw a real conclusion on whether the arabs have achieved their intended victory or the revolution was kind hijacked or not a done deal to date.

when it started in tunisia I thought it was a matter of social unjust and unemployment rate that forced young generation to think otherwise. The same was shared to egypt and algeria but not libya in my opinion. but years letter I find it hard to believe that these countries are still volatile and vulnerable; I find as if the rule of law is missing, the size of job market is still not promising in my opinion, and yet there is no stability in almost all sectors. that comes to my second question ' is what is happening now a result of lack of mutual revolution agenda among the citizens or lack of preparedness?' for example look of what is happening in turkey and how it started, are protesters prepared to take over the power or is it a game of chance?

well I have been thinking alone about these issues in vain and today I decided to seek help from great thinkers that I respect. my main question being what lessons can one draw from arab apprising? is it a success or failure? is there any model that can be used to smoother or prevent revolution? by the way I am not planning one at least for now.

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