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What good dating involves

Discussion in 'Mahusiano, mapenzi, urafiki' started by JOHN MADIBA, Jun 23, 2011.


    JOHN MADIBA JF-Expert Member

    Jun 23, 2011
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    Looking for a husband? Or a wife? Want to know the single biggest mistake you can make? It’s not dating enough! And why is that?
    Well, things like making a sale for example, finding a new job, or building a business all depend on meeting the right people.
    So does finding a spouse! And the more people you meet the better. Because as anyone in sales will tell you, a lot of calls go nowhere before you make a hit.

    And the same goes if you are single and searching! It is a big mistake to settle for the first person who comes along – and who eventually lets you down several years later, especially for a reason you should have spotted in your first few minutes together.
    So, efficient spouse hunting starts with checking out every single person you meet! It only takes 15 minutes. And it is not a date, is it?

    You are just socialising! So there is no embarrassment because life is not a Hollywood movie where men and women tumble into bed, fall in love, and then get married. Instead you need to meet lots of possible dates – and show genuine interest in all of them. Not a third degree, just polite questions that establish their availability, background, what business they are in, what they like doing and so on. Everyone loves talking about themselves, so the conversation will go well – and real date will quickly follow!But remember: the trick is to quickly weed out anyone who doesn’t match your needs, values, interests and so on. Like if their behaviour, personality, interests or way of life doesn’t match yours, then let them go! After that, you can safely fall in love with any of the others! Get the idea? Dating is not about persuading someone to marry you. It is about weeding out the ones you shouldn’t!

    it is not as difficult as it sounds, because if you have this sort of conversation with just two new people a week, then you will check out a hundred people in a year! And that is the sort of number you need to meet to find someone who is truly right for you. Expect only a handful to survive more than a date or two. And be honest. If you don’t want to go out with someone, say so. Any that lose interest, let them go.
    Any that show signs of insecurity, personality disorders, infidelity etc, let them go. If they don’t treat you right, let them go.
    And don’t kiss anyone too soon because kissing the wrong person creates a hormonal bond stronger than rational thinking.
    If you are trying to choose the right person, then at least stay hormone-free until you have got to know them. And don’t give up because there really is someone out there who is just right for you. Lots of them actually!
    Meet enough people and you will find them. In just one year. And then you will be happy ever after.