We are doomed because We Trust Politicians


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Aug 2, 2010
The Citizen (Dar es Salaam)
Peter Nyanje
29 September 2011

In a retreat of the Nation Media Group (NMG) editors in Arusha late last year, a presenter asked us if we trust politicians, and I remember a senior editor, Mr Mutuma Mathiu, exclaiming: "Come on!"opinion

No one else said anything, but their faces showed that Mr Mutuma (we are used to addressing him by his first name) had surely represented their thoughts.

Anyway, the presenter was not done. He asked us if we don't trust politicians, how come then, we trust them to lead us? No one answered that question.

Judging from what we have been hearing and seeing in the Igunga by-election campaigns, one should indeed ask him or herself, why do we opt for politicians as our leaders? For, in Igunga we have witnessed very shoddy work by politicians.

One might be tempted to conclude that politicians are made from many kinds of people found on the face of the earth, from liars to hooligans.From Igunga we have been treated with all manner of politics, from cheap politics, stage acting to other kinds of propaganda which should not be associated with mature political parties in the country.

We call them mature because most of them came into being about two decades ago and have enough experience in plural politics, But, going by what our politicians are doing one would be excused to think that in the last 20 years our politicians have learnt very little as far as practising politics is concerned.

For instance, if indeed Chadema torched a house belonging to a CCM ward secretary, why would the perpetrators leave behind incriminating evidence to show that it is Chadema members or supporters who torched the house? On the other hand, if Chadema did not do it as it claims, and it was mechanisation by CCM itself, why would an experienced party like it do such a thing?

I have looked at the pictures of the so called burnt house and my judgement is that the house is very far from being a burnt house. We all know how the remains of burnt houses look like.

There was no indication of smoke on the walls or ashes around the burnt house. Was CCM stage acting to show that Chadema was a bad party?

Be that as it may, CCM claimed later that Chadema has about 30 commandos who were trained in Afghanistan and Libya. The thugs, according to CCM secretary general, were brought to Igunga to instigate chaos.

It is amazing that it was the CCM intelligence which was able to come up with such information that was a big threat to the security of this country and not the proper security organs!

And then came the nasty incident in which the politicians decided to show as that, apart from their superiority in the political arena, they also have firearms. A few days after an MP was spotted with a pistol at a campaign rally, real bullets were fired in an incident which has left those who read papers at a loss on who to believe.Anyway, if CCM knew that Chadema had those commandos stationed in villages around Igunga, why didn't it tip the Police so that they could take appropriate action? Was revealing such information publicly healthy?

While CCM claimed that their female MP was about to be kidnapped by a Chadema leader, for its part, Chadema said the female MP wanted to torch their cars at a hotel parking lot.


Dec 13, 2010
Is good that we know who is our enemy and how we can arrest him! The strings of their deeds will culminate to CCM natural death!! We need to teach and aspire the mass to understand what CCM is doing for people's survival!


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Jun 23, 2011
These Devils came into power almost 30 yrs ago. But mostly the past twenty years they got stronger because they figured out a way to steal money. These individuals are not leaders. They are what the founder of the nation would refer to as "traitors". If only people could understand what he meant, and what a developing country means. Tanzania was blessed to have a leader as wise, as intelligent, as humble as Mwalimu. Maybe he made some mistakes but those were the early days of independence. People were still in the learning process. If anyone reads his speeches, one thing is evident he did have a vision for the country. How many of the DEVILS in the TZgvt. have any knowledge or understanding of Justice, Human rights, rule of law. They don't. I am not talking about ALL the officials in the gvt. I am referring to the that group of decadent elements in the government who are responsible for the state of Tanzania today. Twenty years ago, there was also a small group of people who were close to Mwalimu who wanted to develop this nation by concentrating on the education sector, producing skilled labor, etc. Unfortunately they were only few of them, against the EVIL group that manifested. It would have been an entirely different Tanzania today, if those men had had a chance. Let me put it a little in perspective, what these Devils have done is stolen a whole populations, generations livelihood, their dreams,& hopes, there is a whole generation who had great desire to work and see their country prosper, they are now broken men.
Today, Tanzanian people should start prayer services in churches, temples, mosques, to pray the DEVILS&their EVIL filth Back into HELL. Then start awareness campaigns on corruption, human rights, Justice.


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Aug 11, 2011
in developing countries like ours, trusting politician has been the worst thing ever done. First and foremost, most of them have no clue why they are there! In common to find a member of parliament having no information whatsoever in his own constituent. Once elected, he will move away and forget the very same people who elected him. In our country i think mot think once elected to their respective pots, it time to enrich themselves. Look around in any constituent you will find all the most of the company contacted to do some work somehow relate to sitting member of parliament so that he/she can get get some tips from the work. Majority of these so called 'leaders' do not have the interest of the people at heart. Its a shame 50 years after independence we are still ravaged by hunger, poor health facilities, poor roads etc yet blessed with vast resources. The time we will wake up from deep slumber and realize we are on own and we have the power to make hard decisions,we will be heading in the right direction!!

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