Wazungu wanakula Mirungi Mirungi


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Feb 3, 2009

Wazungu wanakula Mirungi Miraa

Mirungi, Khat, Miraa…Whatever…Its the Drug of East Africa

You came for drugs? Well you came to one of the safe-havens for this miraculous and euphoric east african wonder drug. And all you do is chew. Indeed, few have any idea that half the people they talk to are high on khat. Its completely ignored by the other travel guides and that's incredible because neighboring Kenya makes a large amount of its GDP growing and selling it (near 15 percent!). And everywhere in Uganda people are chewing it.
Though the prices are cheaper, just across the border into Kenya, especially in the west (El Doret, Nairobi), where this shoot grows (it requires the higher altitudes) nowhere is it chewed with as much fervor as the coast (arabs in particular have a fetish, the Yemen people spend nearly 20 percent of their salaries on it, per capita!). But it is still cheap in Kampala, though not nearly so liberally legal.
If its saturday its time for Miraa (the local and legal wonder narcotic). In the US or Europe, the drug could land you in jail. But not here, even Coke has its name on the action.In Kampala you don't need to ask for Cephas, just go to Kisenyi (the Somali village) and ask any Somali you see for Mirungi.
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Jan 21, 2014
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