Wal-Mart to officially discontinue HD DVD sales by June !

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Sep 5, 2006


With HD DVD, things are just going from bad, to really bad, to worse, to car-crash-you-can't-stop-looking-at. You can file this one under that latter category, as Wal-Mart has officially announced its intentions to stop stocking HD DVD players and movies by June.
According to reports, the retailer came to the decision after Netflix and Best Buy made announcements concerning their position in the HD format war. Susan Chronister of Wal-Mart wrote on the company's blog, "By June Wal-Mart will only be carrying Blu-ray movies and hardware machines, and of course standard-def movies, DVD players, and up-convert players." Susan went on to deliver what we consider a total burn by adding, "if you bought the HD [DVD] player like me, I'd retire it to the bedroom, kid's playroom, or give it to your parents to play their John Wayne standard-def movies, and make space for a BD player."
Look, we're not gonna say that this is it for HD DVD, but... uh, it doesn't look real great.[/QUOTE]
This is a smear campaign by Sony. It all begun on a recent techy show.... Infact it was just this noon when I read an article regarding this high def format war... believe me, Toshiba gonna hit back hard on this, acording to the article their market capitalisation for high def players in europe is over 60%, not sure with USA or Japan. This war at the moment seems to be favor Sony as their new playstation 3 has been a major factor for increased blue ray movie sales... but in a counter move to flex their muscles, Toshiba too have cut down the unit price for players dramatically in order to woe customers.


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