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Waheshimiwa Jf: Hatimaye Kibaki Kwisha

Discussion in 'Kenyan News and Politics' started by Kenyan-Tanzanian, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. Kenyan-Tanzanian

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    Dec 21, 2007
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    Wakuu Mambo yanazidi kunoga hukuu sasa hata wapambe kutoka kwa jamii ya Kibaki wakisalimu amri kwamba ZUMANAMI iliomleta ZUMA madarakani huko USAUZI sasa inamleta RAILANAMI au Sunami ya RAILA huku KENYA. Ni wakati wa kihistoria leo Ikulu Nairobi jili hii ndio Ijumaa ya mwisho ya Kibaki na Serikali yake fisadi mamlakani....Nawaombeni wenzangu waheshimiwa JF mtuombee kila la kheri... Kenya ndio nchi ndugu zaidi ya Tanzania, Africa nzima...

    Ahsanteni na someni hii kwa makini hii article ya kwetu.



    'Kenya's Mandela' on his way to victory: At 62, Raila Odinga has a youthful buzz on his side...

    By Tim Querengesser, The Ottawa Citizen
    Published: Thursday, December 20, 2007

    NAIROBI - When Lucy Kibaki slapped an official who introduced her as her husband's unmentionable mistress, Robert Gichira looked on in awe.

    "The guy was on stage speaking at the microphone, so the slap echoed throughout the whole compound," says Mr. Gichira, a TV cameraman who captured the mêlée at Kenya's presidential residence last week, but was forced to erase his tape. "Everybody heard it."

    If popular sentiment is reflected in the vote when Kenya goes to the polls next Thursday, poets might one day write Mrs. Kibaki's slap sounded like a hammer hitting a nail into the coffin of her husband, president Mwai Kibaki.

    Despite steering Kenya clear of economic ruin since being elected in 2002, Mr. Kibaki's bid for a second term is faltering. Over five years, he has drifted from the face of change to being viewed as too close to the regime he replaced.

    Polls peg his support between 36 and 43 per cent, behind Raila Odinga, with between 41 and 45 per cent.

    Few trust the polls here, and what looks like a race to the finish isn't close, according to people on the street. Many see a youthful buzz surrounding Mr. Odinga, 62, and the comparative lack of energy around Mr. Kibaki, 76 -- who some whisper appears to have suffered a stroke.

    Then there's that slap. It isn't the first Mrs. Kibaki has delivered in the presence of reporters. Mr. Gichira says Mr. Kibaki "winced" when it happened.

    And there's the age question. More than 50 per cent of Kenya's estimated nine million eligible voters are under 40. Tribal identities that dictate who the older generation votes for are less decisive for the new one. Corruption, ethnic equality and reform are issues they want addressed.

    "These will be the most intense elections ever," says Joshua Maina, a 29-year-old artist in Nairobi. "During president Moi and (Jomo) Kenyatta's time there was only one person. Now we have three and they're all fighting each other after ousting Moi."

    Karuti Kanyinga, a political science professor at Nairobi University, says the divide between the two front-runners is based on which part of government should be changed.

    "This election has become a theatre for competition between economic recovery and political reforms," he says. "People want reforms in both areas. Hence the difficulty for people to decide which one to pitch their tent in."

    When Mr. Moi begrudgingly handed power to Mr. Kibaki after 24 years of kleptocratic rule, his car was pelted with mud. But five years after this revolution in all but name, there is still hunger for change, despite Kenya's history with long-lasting leadership.

    Mr. Odinga has sold himself as the man for change. Son of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, a former vice-president with a strong socialist bent, he has a son named Fidel Castro, yet drives a Hummer, thanks to a fortune from his family's molasses company. For his role in an unsuccessful coup against Mr. Moi in 1982, he spent nine years in prison and exile before becoming an MP in 1992.

    He's the country's closest thing to a freedom fighter and supporters have dubbed him "Kenya's Mandela." Critics, however, say he's rather light on ideas. But Mr. Odinga is popular with the youth and poor, both majorities in Kenya.

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    The question is whether these supporters are simply entertained or truly behind him. "There's euphoria around Raila," says Mr. Maina.

    "Many guys are looking to him as a fighter and people go to his rallies because he's going to say something funny. But though he might be having 20,000 at a rally, come the election, will people vote because he's leading the polls or because they believe he can do the job?"

    Mr. Kibaki is Kenya's first president who can actually run on his track record. The economy is blossoming at nearly six per cent, roads left to crumble by Mr. Moi's regime are being rebuilt and the once-cowed press is now one of the world's freest.

    Though many grumble that Mr. Kibaki has failed to remove the country's cancerous corruption as he promised in 2002, his biggest political error appears to be a continuation of patronage.

    Most appointed to government positions have been from his tribe, the Kikuyu, which is the largest of Kenya's 42 tribes.

    "He's planted Kikuyus all over the government," says Kennedy Omondi, a 22-year-old student from Kakamega. "We want fairness in the distribution of resources. We're all paying taxes. We're not against any particular tribe."

    Mr. Odinga's Luo tribe -- the third largest -- appears to be the most enraged by the patronage. But he was once judged "unelectable" because of his tribal baggage.

    The former 1997 presidential candidate isn't circumcised, a fact that's tastelessly spoken about in propaganda here. Circumcision is still viewed as a passage to manhood by most Kenyan tribes -- aside from the Luo, who have different rituals. Many elders consider Mr. Odinga a "boy."

    Kimani Njogu, a political analyst in Nairobi, says the Luo community's unquestioning support for Mr. Odinga is also a concern. "My biggest worry is will I be able to criticize, or shall I be subject to a community dictatorship?"

    That must be taken in context. With its sparking economy and decades of relative peace, Kenya is everything neighbours Somalia, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda are not.

    A record 269 female candidates -- of 2,600 running nation-wide -- are vying for seats in the election.

    At only 18 out of 210 seats, women made up an abysmal eight per cent of the last parliament, but that looks set to change.

    Still, election campaigns here remain colourful, corrupt and somewhat violent. Before Mrs. Kibaki's slap, the government car of Raphael Wanjala, an MP, was discovered filled with machetes, bows, arrows and clubs. Mr. Wanjala was not in the car and no charges were laid.

    At 83, Mr. Moi is now supporting Mr. Kibaki, which could be a cynical attempt to shelter himself from Mr. Odinga, who many think is out for revenge. And Mr. Odinga, himself a mix of Rodney Dangerfield and James Brown, has driven his Hummer into the country's largest slum, Kibera, to flaunt wealth -- and some residents say, to buy votes.

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    In fact, 60 per cent of the approximately $180 million spent during the campaign has been "dirty," and nearly 80 per cent of voters have been offered cash or gifts, according to a report by the Coalition for Accountable Political Financing.

    "We do not have a democracy," the group's spokesman, Charles Otieno, told the Voice of America. "What we have here is a group of rich people buying their seat in parliament."

    At least 20 people have died and thousands have been displaced by clashes in rural towns. In Kibera, Nairobi's largest slum, a 15-year-old boy was recently killed by supporters linked to Mr. Odinga, allegedly for wearing a Kibaki T-shirt. His funeral then became a pro-Kibaki rally.

    Some have talked of revolt if Mr. Kibaki wins. "If there will be a war, it will be Kikuyus against the rest," says Mr. Omondi.

    But Kenyans have long been adept at finding compromises despite their differences. "There's a feeling that now we need a Luo," says Mr. Maina. He's a Kikuyu who supports Mr. Kibaki, but appears ready for Mr. Odinga as president. "It's like a sort of power sharing."

    © The Ottawa Citizen 2007
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    Kibaki baki nyumbani, Raila awe Rais jamani.
  2. M

    MzalendoHalisi JF-Expert Member

    Dec 21, 2007
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    Raila wasubiri tu hadi 2012 -It is fair enough for Kibaki to get a second term- I dont trust Polls results- tusubiri Dec 27!
  3. K

    Keil JF-Expert Member

    Dec 21, 2007
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    Kenyan-Tanzanian niko nawe katika kumuunga mkono RAILA. Nimechoka na politics za Kibaki na watu wake kwa kuwa wamefanya Kenya imekuwa kama mali yao. Wakati Kibaki anaomba kura he looked a very nice person, innocent, humble, and committed to serving Kenyans. Lakini kuna matukio machache ambayo yalinifanya nimdharau na mpaka sasa nikisikia jina lake nasikia kichefuchefu:

    Moja, skendo ya wale Arthur Bros na connection na binti yake kwa yule mama mwingine (second unofficial wife).

    Mbili, kiburi cha Murungi na Mwiraria, tena afadhali Mwiraria alikuwa yuko kimya kidogo kuliko Murungi.

    Tatu, kumtoa sadaka Gavana wa Kenya Central Bank na kuweka mtu wa kwao (Prof. Njuguna)

    Nne, Lucy Kibaki kuezeka makofi mwandishi wa habari na juzi kuchapa kofi MC. Afadhali MC alikuwa na kosa, japo kwa kipindi hiki haikuwa muafaka ku-react kwa kiasi kikubwa namna hiyo in public.

    Tano, huyu mzee ni kigeugeu kwa kuwa alishindwa kutimiza ahadi zote alizotoa 2002 wakati wa kampeni. Pia simwamini sana kwa kuwa hana msimamo kwenye yale ambayo wanakubaliana na wenzake.

    Kwa hizo sababu chache na nyinginezo huyu Mzee inabidi aende kupumzika. Five yrs is enough for him na hasa Mama Kibaki (Lucy) atakuwa amefaidi na akienda nyumbani kupumzika atashika adabu kama zamani. Labda Ida Odinga akiingia atakuwa mtu wa tofauti though anaweza kuwa kama Lucy! It is better kuleta mabadiliko ili kuona hao wengine wataifanyia nini Kenya kwa kipindi cha miaka 5 ijayo na wakishindwa then wataondoka na kuja wengine tena na huo ndiyo uzuri wa demokrasia ya kweli!
  4. M

    Mshamba wa Kijijini Member

    Dec 21, 2007
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    kama kweli kuna kitu kitaweza kusaidia nchi zetu za afrika mashariki kufikia mapinduzi ya kweli basi raila aingie madarakani ili nasi huku TZ kikwete tumpige chini maana hizi zama ni mabadiliko tu ya watawala tumechoshwa na mambo yasiyowezekana mbona wengine wanaweza? tukimaliza kenya anabaki museveni yeye tutamn'goa kwa mtutu!
  5. K

    Keil JF-Expert Member

    Dec 21, 2007
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    Mzee mimi nadhani kipindi kimoja kinatosha sana. Hivi unajua mtu akipewa kipindi cha pili huwa anafanya kufuru kwa kuwa anajua kwamba hana cha kuulizwa kwenye kampeni za uchaguzi ujao bali kibarua ataachiwa atakayeteuliwa kugombea kupitia tiketi ya chama chake. Kibaki akipewa ulaji wa miaka 5 mingine ninakuhakikishia kwamba ufisadi utakaofanyika utakuwa ni wa kihistoria. Tutarudi zama za Mkapa hapa Tanzania ambapo rekodi ya miaka 5 ya mwanzo ilikuwa nzuri sana, lakini alipokuja kurudi kumalizia miaka 5 ya term ya pili hapo ndiyo tuliposhuhudia ulafi wa jamaa maana alikuwa anakula hata bila kunawa na tena hadharani. Leo hii watu tumebaki tunalia na hakuna wa kumuuliza maana hata JK mwenyewe anaogopa kumshughulikia eti tumwache apumzike. Hapo ndipo ninapochukia term 2, maana jamaa anakuwa na uhakika kwamba hicho ndiyo kipindi cha mwisho hivyo lazima ale haswa na kujilimbikizia kwa kadri anavyoweza na hawezi kukemea wengine kwa kuwa na wao wanamuona jinsi anavyotafuna minofu.
  6. Kenyan-Tanzanian

    Kenyan-Tanzanian JF-Expert Member

    Dec 21, 2007
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    Unaweza kuwakomoa watu wachache kwa mda mchache kwa vitu vingi lakini hauwezi kuwakomoa watu wengi kwa muda mwingi vitu vichache. Hili naomba Kibaki na aelewe sana.

    Hebu fikiria Mzalendo huyu babu ametupotezea miaka mitano kwa kuipinda Kenya kihistoria eti ielekee tena kuko huko kwa siasa za GEMA na KENYATTA. Ashindwe na pepo mbaya zake za PNU!

    Tulimpa kandarasi ya miaka mitano baada ya makabila nyingi tuu kuungana na kukubali kwamba wacha sisi tusubiri Mkikuyu atawale tena baada ya kumpa kichapo cha ajabu Rais mstaafu Moi. Halaf ili kuongeza matusi juu ya kashfa, KIBAKI na MOI wanapanga wile watamwachia mwana wa Jomo Kenyatta yaani UHURU KENYATTA na GIDEON MOI mamlaka 2012! Kwa kweli sisi waKenya kama ninyi waTanzania hata kihistoria hatukuwa na majamii ambayo yalitawaliwa na familia za kifalme kama kwa example WaGanda. NO! Kabila zote 47 za Kenya zilikuwa na indigenous democratic systems centred on the chief, baraza la wazee na waganga au manabii shupavu. Sasa familia za marais watatu zikitaka kutuletea ufedhuli huu tena kwenye enzi za Global Village eti tuakubali kivipi? Wacha Tumpatie RAILA awaonyeshe kwamba unawezakuwa ulizaliwa kama mtoto wa Makamu wa Kwanza wa Nchi yaaan JARAMOGI OGINGA ODINGA lakini bado ukapendwa na kuwapenda na waKenya wengi hata wa jamii isiyo yako. Ya msingi is not the strange economic development of few-people-faidika-na-many-people-furahika...NO.

    Hata Tanzania mkatae hilo kabisa. Wacheni madini yenu yalale mchangani. Hakuna cha maana kuuza madini hizo kwa the so-called wawekezaji huku pasipo mTanzania wa kawaida kunufaika. Madini hayaozi. Nasisitiza hili. Madini yenu hayataoza yakikaa udongoni. Msihadaiwe na watu wanaotembea huku na kule kwenye Global Village ati kuattract investors ambao ukichunguza kwa lugha ya mwananchi wa kawaida ni watu-kupe tuu. Mtayaona mabarara fulani na sijui medical fulani fulani mdanganywe Tanzania inaendelea, Kenya inaendelea, Uganda inaendelea kwajili ya serikali inavyowavutia wawekezaji. Tusikubali hili. Wacha Kibaki atokomee mbali na hizi sera za kutukomoa. Zote alizofanya ni wajibu wake. Hii ni kazi tulimpa na mshahara tukamlipa. Asisahau hilo. Hatuna deni ya yeye. Aende nyumbani mara moja. Mbeki afuate. JK akiendelea na mchezo wake huo wakukosa kwa nyoosha mafisadi-ibuka Bongo pia yeye apate nyahunyo.

    Huyu Kibaki ambaye tulimpa kazi ya kusafisha alipochafua Moi na mwanzilishi Kenyatta amefanyaje? Kamvisha isandaa Moi huyo huyo ambaye Kibaki mwenyewe kahudumu chini yake kwa miaka 10 kama makamu wa Rais. Moi sasa ndio senior consultant wa Ikulu eti PNU na Kibaki wanadai huku wakisema ana CV isiyobishwa Africa nzima. Kamchukua mwana wa KENYATTA eti ndio sasa atakuwa successor wake jili ni Mkikuyu kama yeye tena family friend. Hii sarakasi tuikane, tuilaani na tusikubali hata kidogo enyi Wakubwa!

    waSauzi walimwambia MBEKI waliempenda hapo awali, potelea mbali na mambo yako ya uchumi umeimarika na sijui nini economics inanawiri. Binadamu siku zote wanajua kwamba the right politics inaleta the right economic growth kwa wale walio wengi kwa jamii fulani. Sasa ukijaribu kuweka economics na politics kwenye sahani moja utaona kwamba wengi Africa watachagua kaimati za Politics na watupilie mbali kaimati za economics. Ndio maana Zuma na Raila watawashinda the so-called intellectual presidents MBEKI na KIBAKI.

    Afadhali nilale kama maskini ndani ya nchi yenye usawa, heshima na undugu kuliko niishi kama tajiri asiyelala usingizi jili ya mali yake haramu na uoga dhidi ya maskini jirani zake.

    Kibaki must go. Aende nyumbani kabisa na awache hawa generation ya pili ituchapie kazi. Tukimaliza kuwezesha ile imani kwamba Rais mzembe atapigwa viboko kwa kura na wanaAfrika Mashariki hata kina JK na EL wataamka. Mwishowe itakuwa huyu M7 huko Kampala.

    Africans should accept to be lead but not to be ruled. They should accept to be led to Truth for all rather than be enslaved by the rule of a few.

    ZUMA, RAILA, ELEN wa Liberia, na hata JK (akijirekebisha) ndio future ya AFRICA.

    Tusisahau historia yetu: Sisi watu wa asili ya kiBantu tulipohama makazi zetu za zama za mababu zetu hatukuja huku tunakoishi sasa kwa kufuata wazee. Tuliongozwa na mashujaa chipukizi wenye afya ya kimawazo na kimwili. Isingelikuwa hao tungekuwa pengine huko Darfur au sijui Nigeria tukiteseka.

    Historia yetu inatuonyesha ni ujana ndio umeweza kuleta mabadiliko yaliyomsomsongesha mwana wa adam mbele. Uzee unaozembea ni udikteta ambao tunatakiwa kuwa tayari kuilipua kwa mabomu ya aina yote zaidi zile za aina ya mitazamo na siasa.

    Karne ya 21 ni nafasi yetu kizazi cha Afrika huru kuziponda zerekali zinazozidi kuwakomoa wananchi huku zikidai ati zimepandisha asilimia za takwimu za uchumi na sijui nini. Uchumi gani ambapo wanaofaidika ni wawekezaji wa China, India, na sijui wapi ambao kampuni zao zinashea faida zao na hawa wahuni?! Naomba mnielimishe.

    Wimbo wa kukusanya watu wampigie Zuma kura usauzi unajina la kimombo liitwalo......"Bring Me My Machine Gun". Wananchi waliamua huyu anayewakumbusha struggle zao kwa kuitisha silaha hii hatari ( yaan ZUMA) ndiye bora zaidi. Wala sio yule anayekesha kujenga uchumi unaowahami mabepari na mabomu ya kikapitalisti (yaani Mbeki) at the expense ya akina yahe, ...jiulize ni kwanini?
  7. Alnadaby

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    Dec 21, 2007
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    Nimefurahi na article hiyo.Bila shaka Wakenya wataamua kumpa kura Kenya's Mandela na kumpeleka Mzee Kibaki nyumbani.tabia kama za Mke wake Kibaki za kuwapiga watu makofi zinawatia wananchi katika hali ya kuwachukia kina Kibaki.Bora mama Lucy naye aende nyumbani akalee wajukuu kwa kuwatawanga makofi.

    Na pia kama itakuwa Raila ameshinda Watanzania ..pamoja na umbumbumbu wetu wa kiasiasa tutaamka kutoka kwenye usingizi mzito ulioletwa na Nyerere na kuanza kujiangalia upya.
  8. M

    MzalendoHalisi JF-Expert Member

    Dec 21, 2007
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    African politics na polls results ni tafauti. SA politics na Kibaki/Raila politics pia tofauti.

    Tunachotaka ni peaceful power succession- and if Kibaki is re-elected there is every sign- Kenya will move forward once again!

    We wait and see 27th Dec!
  9. Bowbow

    Bowbow JF-Expert Member

    Dec 21, 2007
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    Tunawatakia Xmass njema na upigaji kura wenye utuliza muweze kupata kiongozi anaewafaa. (Mkipigana bado tuna wakaribisha Tz maana mtajisikia mko nyumbani tu. Just joking)

    Kila la kheri
  10. R

    Rwabugiri JF-Expert Member

    Dec 22, 2007
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    Ofcourse, Kibaki is too old, yafaa apumzike, yaani sijui watu kwanini wana ngangania madaraka namna hiyo? yeye angestaafu kwa heshima zote atulie ale pension awaachie wengine! Go kenyans, mpeni Raila, wacha Kibaki abaki nyumbani asubili siku yake!
  11. Bongolander

    Bongolander JF-Expert Member

    Dec 22, 2007
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    Mzalendo unasema kweli. Sisi mfano mzuri tunao Zanzibar, hata kama CUF wakishinda uchaguzi mara ngapi, urais ni wa CCM tu. Polls zinaweza kuwa zinaonesha kuwa Raila anaongoza, na inawezekana pia kuwa Raila akashinda lakini i doubt kama Raila ataingia ikulu.
    NI kweli kuwa Kibaki ni mzee lakini katika miaka aliyokaa madarakani amefanya kazi vizuri zaidi kuliko hata alivyofanya Moi alipokuwa kijana, so ujana is not an issue. Tanzania tumeona, Mkapa aliyedhaniwa Mzee alifanya vizuri kuliko Kikwete na timu yake ya vijana, so it is not the question of being kijana au mzee, it is about policies na namna ya kuzitekeleza na kuzisimamia, sio ujanja ujanja au kama tunavyouita Tanzania, usanii.
  12. Mushobozi

    Mushobozi JF-Expert Member

    Dec 22, 2007
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    ila polls results za kenya angalau zina uhuru. ila za zanzibar humilikiwa na redet.

    I like Kenyans in politics. I wish Tanzanians were the same. Nilisikia Zitto alienda kufungua campaign za Laila wakati anapanda ndege moja na muungwana, na kukutana uso kwa uso na Karamagi. naona wamepiga karata zao vizuri chadema. sijui na ccm walienda kufungua mkutano wa kibaki?

    ninamtakia laila ushindi mnono.
  13. Kitila Mkumbo

    Kitila Mkumbo Verified User

    Dec 23, 2007
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    Ona aibu weee. Usitoe kabisa mfano wetu. Sisi huwa hatufanyi uchaguzi. Wenzetu wameamka, hawajalala kama sisi. Tene tume yao ni huru kuliko baadhi ya tume katika nchi zilizoendelea. Wala wapiga kura wa Kenya sio wajinga kukubali kuibiwa kura zao kama sisi, ndio maana waliweza kuishinda KANU pamoja na mabavu yake yote. Tena acha kabisa habari ya kujilinganisha na wakenya katika mambo ya haki zao. Wewe acha sisi tuendelee kulalamika tu kwenye vilabu vya pombe na nyama choma.