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Waandishi wasaidia wafungwa habari

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Kamanda, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Kamanda

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    Feb 21, 2012
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    Soma habari iliyoandikwa kwenye Daily News kuhusu namna waandishi wa habari kupitia Jumuiko lao jipya liitwalo TAJOA (Tanzania Journalists Alliance).

    TANZANIA Journalists Alliance (TJA) has started providing news material to prisons in the country to allow prisoners to get access to information.

    TJA Chairman, Mr Simon Mkina, said over the weekend that the alliance has started the programme with the provision of 100 newsletters for prisons in Njombe district.

    "We presented 100 newsletters to the Prison's Warden in Njombe district on behalf of prisoners serving different jail terms," Mr Simon noted.
    The prisoners will be receiving the newsletters once per week under a programme dubbed HakiHabari (right to information)".

    Mr Mkina said the newsletters handed over to the prison's head are Kwanza Jamii and HakiHabari which compile in brief news items from other mainstream newspapers in the country.

    "The newspapers and newsletter will be issued free of charge, which is the beginning of its strategy to have newspapers and information brought to prisoners every week," Mr Mkina said. Mr Mkina said TJA decided to start with Prisons in Njombe district, then move on to neighbouring districts and regions depending of availability of funds.

    Mr Fortunatus Ntani, the Prison Warden in Njombe district, welcomed the move, describing it as the beginning of bringing of awareness of outside issues to prisoners. Mr Mkina said he and more than ten other journalists decided to start the alliance with the purpose of bringing information to people who do not have easy access to basic information.

    He also noted that despite fighting for the rights of others, journalists have proven inefficient at fighting for their own rights, which include a good working environment and working facilities.

    "We journalist forget our own problems and fight more for other groups' rights. We feel it is time now to fight for our own rights and TJA is a bridge to doing so," he explained.


    Pia ili kutambua kazi zao unaweza kuwafikia hapa: ::Tanzania Journalists Alliance (TAJOA)::