VETA to offer training on oil, gas exploration


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Jul 30, 2008
Following the mushrooming projects on oil and gas industries; The Vocational Education Training Authority (VETA) has embarked on a new program aimed at offering technical training on oil and gas exploration to meet the demand of qualified technicians in the sector.

The program is being implemented by VETA in collaboration with foreign gas exploration companies, Petro Plus of Brazil and British Gas Tanzania Limited.
The Director of Vocational Education and Training, Leah Lukindo said yesterday during the dissemination conference of procedures and guidelines for accreditation of vocational education training program held in Dar es Salaam.
She said trainings are offered in Mtwara and Lindi whereas graduates are trained on welding and gas drilling and circulation process.
According to her, the accreditation of vocational education training helps VETA to ensure quality of trainings provided at its centers. She added, “We want to ensure quality at our centers and other technical colleges. It is necessary to produce quality and competent skilled workers who are able to adopt changes.”
She said the authority aims at producing quality graduates to compete in the employment market within and outside the country. She said VETA graduates should be able to acquire jobs within the East African Community countries.
Lukindo said the number of VETA graduates employed in different sectors have increased compared to previous years. He said that previously less than 10 percent of graduates were getting jobs but now the rate has increased to 80 percent.
Lukindo said to ensure quality; they are planning on conducting frequent inspection at all the centers within its nine zones.
Meanwhile, Deputy Executive Secretary at National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) Registration and Accreditation Department, Timothy Manyaga insisted that every college should adhere to VETA accreditations in terms of buildings, teachers and curricular.
Manyaga said that all vocational colleges should be registered and it’s curricular accredited by the management board of VETA before offering trainings.
“Tanzanians should cultivate a culture of searching for quality education from accredited colleges instead of considering the registration factor,” he said adding that most of the people don’t ask for further information after realizing that a college is registered.
According to him, getting registration doesn’t mean that a college is qualified to offer vocational trainings because there are colleges which are located at residential areas with disqualified teachers.


Oct 27, 2012
Dah!!kama ni nafikiri ni fursa nzuri sana kwetu sisi watanzania kujizunia ktk ilo na pia kuitumia fursa kama hii vizuri...hongera zenu chuo cha veta kwa kuleta mapinduzi ktk masuala ya exploit gas


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Nov 1, 2008
natamani nikasome koz mojawapo nikimaliza hii degree yangu,mwenye kujua bei na duration atujulishe coz sijafanikiwa kukutana navyo kwenye website yao.

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