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Utapeli wa mafunzo ya computer kutoka kenya

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Elimu (Education Forum)' started by Tirus, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Tirus

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    Jul 6, 2011
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    Hello everyone, I trust that all is well with you. Please refer to the above underlined words for the good / bad news relating to COMPULINK in Tanzania who seems to offering Computer trainings with some hidden agenda.

    I will describe my doubts numerically:-

    1. Is this a registered company/ NGO / Church Organization for Computer trainings in Africa? And do they reach the standards required?

    As a Tanzanian Compulink Africa came to Tanzania through Kenya being headed by a Kenyan who claim to be a pastor, through this grounds he said to have registered it in Tanzania as COMPULINK TANZANIA.

    My doubts whether this Organization is registered in Tanzania for Computer trainings are due to the following reasons…

    First they claimed to establish a center for only 3 months then move to another area? That means you won’t get them in the same center after that three months.

    Secondly, is three (3) months enough for a person to grasp Nine (9) programmes, two hours daily except Saturdays and Sundays ?

    Third, they taught and set exams in both swahili and English…is this the standards required? At which office a person will be interviewed in swahili for computer applications? And how about the terminologies?

    Fourth, certificates issued on 2/6/20011 to 98 students out of 270 read as Compulink Kenya with the same Grades, I questioned some of the students if they were all equal in all exams? Some said no according to their marks… is this certificate valid in Tanzania or Africa in general?

    Fifth, is the drop out of students, I came to discover that it was due to poor management…could you imagine 98 issued certificates out of 270

    Sixth does it pay tax to Tanzania, it claim to offer free computer training but it charges for registrations ,exams , certificate and graduation????

    1. Do they fulfill thir objectives in regards to their Constitution?
    One of their objective is giving free computer training programme for the pastors, Government and community resources persons till 2025. Moreover helping community to be computer literate by giving free training and working together as residents regardless of age, ethnic origin, ability, sex, belief or political affiliation

    BUT they charge the community and ready to dismiss or not to issue a certificate to any community resource person who fails to pay admission fee, exam fee, graduation fee…
    Are these people serious to their objectives??

    1. Why fake promises.
    By revealing one of their fake promises upon registering students… they said to be offering free computer course for any pastor who will bring above 20 students plus 1 computer set…moreover the center which acted as a host will be given 10 computers…..up to this moment nothing have been offered, when questioned he said to be only looking one computer for a host center……Is this a real pastor who doesn’t keep to his promises…..

    1. Lack of training facilities… Could you imagine a center of 270 students with only 9 old model computers…they lack projectors, training manuals…..i wonder how will they go forth??May be they have a hidden agenda behind all this.

    1. RECENT NEWS: the same group of people have claimed to have yet registered a new institution under VETA for Computer maintenance within Mwanza which rolls for 6 months…..As for me I don’t advise anybody to go for their training if they cannot stick to their initial objective……

    By Cyrus T.J Okolah Omolo
    P.O.BOX 10024 MWANZA
    +255-768-684790 , +255-788-887172, +255-713-959834
    E-MAIL: cyrus_international@yahoo.com

    These data were collected from March 2011- June 2011 at Kangaye-Tanzania one of their centers. 7[SUP]th[/SUP] Graduation in Tanzania and 88 Graduation in Africa according to their Director who is also a pastor from Kenya.
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    jamani mwenye data nzuri atoe maelezo hapa?