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Sep 24, 2010
The man who’s single at 40 plus

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By CIKU, Friday, November 12 2010 at 18:35

Fat is in, thin is out! It’s official! There’s a Mapenzi segue on myshow where we do hook ups for the lonely souls. There’s one set of people that always get the most responses – Fat women.

Men love them, can’t get enough of them. And so it came to pass that one fine evening, one such woman wanted a hook up. She described herself as over 100kgs and looking for a Sonko type of chap to date.

The responses were many. One of them came directly to my phone. A friend of mine wanted her number. I passed it on to him, and the next day, called her with the other responses we had received.

After we were done, I asked her if anyone had been in touch the day before.

“Some guy called me but he’s over 40 and unmarried so I’m not interested, there must be something wrong with him,” she said. I made it clear to her that if this guy was interested, then she should at least meet him – “You wanted a loaded chap?” I asked.

“Sonko ain’t got nothing on him!” But she was weary. How interesting. Dismissing a single, good looking, charming, wealthy guy, based on him being over 40? Really?

Number two
It got me thinking… Is there something wrong with a guy who has advanced in years and hasn’t yet settled down? I know a number of them so I decided to call and get them to spill the beans.

From ‘Sonko’: “I have commitment phobia because I like my space, I’m not too sure I can have someone around me every day of my life without feeling suffocated. And not just women. When family comes around to visit and they stay too long, I check into a hotel.”

By golly. “I once broke up with a chick I really liked because we went on holiday together. Seeing her every day for two weeks was too much!”
I know what you’re thinking, that the mapenzi girl was right and he is a beer short of a six-pack, but I totally understand ‘me’ time.

If I was that girl, I’d have been happy to shop till I drop (I’m dating ‘Sonko’, right?) and let him have all the time to himself that helikes!

Bachelor number two is smart, funny as hell and methinks, a genuinely nice guy. He was very popular with the girls in his hey day, so he doesn’t have those ‘trying-to-make-up-for-my-lost-youth moments’ that some guys have.

He’s been there, done that, bought the T-shirt! He’s a perfect gentleman but you never really know what he’s thinking.

"Commitment phobia isn’t quite it, I think it was more of fear of failure after the commitment. My parents split when I was five and I think I’ve always been wary of getting into a marriage if I couldn’t visualise myself with the person many years down the line. As utopian, and unfair, as this sounds, if I didn’t ‘buy’ into the lady 100 per cent, I would have reservations about putting all into the relationship."

"Frankly I prefer having a ‘partner’ to a wife but there aren’t many women out there who would be content with such a relationship because it doesn’t have the standard ‘security features’ of a marriage. Am I happy? Yes. Could I be happier with a partner? Yes."

The last guy should’ve been married years ago. He’s great. Bubbly personality, wise, looks like he’d be a great dad, treats women with respect and is a man of means. So why, is there no wife?“I didn’t make a conscious decision not to marry.

You just wake up one day and realise the years have rolled by. I’m not opposed to the concept at all, I’d be happy to settle down. I have met women whom I have liked but it doesn’t flow.

They look at me and tick off a check list – He is single, he is of means, nice house, nice car – Let’s getmarried! They want the package but one can always tell when emotion is not involved, they’re not genuine so you move on.”

Any woman would be lucky to have any of these three guys, so in my opinion, if he is over 40 and single, there isn’t necessarily something wrong with him. He didn’t want to settle for average. He is holding out for Miss Perfect.

And what’s wrong with that? Most marriages are falling apart because everyone (being in a rush to get hitched and get a family) never really looked at the person they were vowing before God to spend eternity with. In the words of a French philosopher and writer, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, whose novels inspired leaders of the French revolution: Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

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