Ujerumani: Bunge lapitisha sheria inayoruhusu kufuatilia mawasiliano ya simu kama WhatsApp


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May 25, 2011
BERLIN, June 22 (Xinhua) -- German lower house of parliament Bundestag on Thursday passes a new surveillance law which allows security authorities to extensively monitor messenger services, local media Focus online reported on Thursday.

According to the new law, federal investigators can install malware or open back gates on smart phones tablets and computers, enabling them to read social software like Whatapp and Skype.

In addition, the legislation will also allow authorities to read "anything and everything" on a suspect's device. In other words, police can copy the whole hard-disk by implanting a "Trojan" software if necessary.

The law triggered great controversy and some lawmakers claimed it will infringe on civil liberties.

However, politicians from the governing coalition of Christian Democrats and Social Democrats of the lower house back the new law, saying it is a essential measure to fend off terrorists and other criminals, who largely communicate online through social software.


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