Uganda: MPs to be penalized for habitual absentism from Parliament


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Jun 29, 2007
Majirani Uganda wanasema hivi, Je hapa kwetu wabunge wanaweza kuthubutu kufanya haya?

MPs to be penalized for habitual absentism from Parliament
Members of Parliament who continuously miss meetings of the Committees and plenary of Parliament may face tougher penalties if the Parliamentary Commission adopts proposals by the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament. The Chairperson of the Committee Hon. Nandala Mafabi says the administration of Parliament should design a mechanism that will identify and reprimand all legislators who are paid salaries and allowances but never attend to Parliamentary business. While scrutinizing queries raised by the Auditor General’s report on Parliament January 17 2007, Hon. Mafabi noted that some legislators only sign the attendance registers but do not participate fully in meetings of Parliament. The Clerk to Parliament Mr.Aeneas Tandekwire who led officials of the Parliamentary Commission to the Committee warned that the majority of the legislators in the 7th Parliament did not submit accountability for the ten million Shilling Constituency Development Fund paid to their accounts.He told the Committee that although Parliament had provided strict guidelines for the fund, one hundred and fifty three Members failed to provide accountability for the funds.Mr. Tandekwire also confirmed that only twenty Members of the current Parliament had provided accountability for the funds.According to the guidelines, Members who fail to account for the Constituency Development fund have to pay back the full amount. The Public Accounts Committee of Parliament recommended that all Members be provided with a sixty day ultimatum within which to present their accountability. Members also questioned why Parliament had paid Constituency Development Fund to Representatives of the UPDF in Parliament.
Si mchezo lazima pale mahala mjini Dodoma iwekwe sheria kama hii.... Halafu wakiunganisha na kipengele che wale wanaosinzia manake inatia aibu kwa kweli, kama mtu hajaamua kudoji kikao basi anaenda na kuishia kusinzia na kula (ooops kura) zetu tulimpa atuwakilishe......
there is a need to to put a clause in the constitution that those who cannot attend sessions as required should cease to be MPs.It is like admitting a ollege student who later on does not attend class sessions.He is likely to fail.Such MPs are failing their constituencies.
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