Uganda boat capsizes: Nine people dead and 21 missing as crowded boat carrying football team overtur


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May 25, 2011
NINE people were reported dead and 21 missing after a boat “overloaded” with a football team and fans capsized just 100 metres from the shore in Uganda.

Up to 30 non-swimmers in the party of 45 drowned on the way to a Christmas Day friendly – despite calm, windless conditions on Lake Albert.

Survivors walk to shore after the death of up to 30 players and fans only around 100 metres from the coast on Lake Albert in Uganda.

Up to 30 of the 45 people in the yellow boat are said to have drowned, on Lake Albert near the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.

Fishermen and police rescued a few people, while a handful of others who could swim are said to have easily made it to safety on the coast.

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Players and supporters from the Kaweibanda village in Buliisa District were travelling to Runga Landing Site in Hoima District as part of Christmas festivities, according to local newspaper the Daily Monitor.

They were in a party mood close to the shoreline, with the boat full of drumming, singing blowing trumpets and whistles.

But the Monitor reports Buliisa District Police Commander John Rutagira as saying: “They overloaded the boat.

“Eyewitnesses have told police that most of the passengers sat on one side of the boat making it lose balance.

The incident happened just off the coast of Bulisa in western Uganda
“So far, we can confirm that out of the 45 people who were on board, 15 people survived.”

The Monitor also claims police have been told the boat operator (coxswain) and many passengers were drunk when they started the journey.

Consolate Akutu, an 18-year-old mum travelling to cheer her team, was reportedly one of the nine confirmed fatalities.

She had reportedly left her five-month-old baby with her parents at home.


At least 30 people have drowned after a boat carrying a football team and their fans capsized on Lake Albert in Uganda, police say.

The overcrowded vessel was carrying some 45 people. Police say the boat became unbalanced when too many passengers moved to one side.
Nine bodies have been recovered, and 15 people have been rescued, reports say.

Boat accidents are fairly common on Lake Albert and in other parts of Africa.

Vessels are often packed with too many people and goods, and in a poor state.

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