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Tusidanganyike na siasa za CHADEMA au CCM!

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Gold Digger, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Gold Digger

    Gold Digger Member

    Jun 2, 2011
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    In a democracy, political parties are supposed to be the instrument to finding solutions to political crises and other problems of the country. In the case of Tanzania, the political parties are the source of all problems, from which we cannot expect any solution. The way the CCM and CHADEMA have carried themselves of late and their leaders are behavior, actions and utterances, leave very little to be desired. At this rate, Tanzania is not likely to neither solve the current economic problems nor avoid the ensuing political crisis.

    The problems began with a series of weak decisions made early in the first term of the current administration and further intensified leading up to the 2010 elections. The parties have since honed down began vigorously pursuing their personal and partisan interests while grossly neglecting the national cause. As a result of this selfish battle, Tanzania is today facing a real possibility of falling into its worst economic and political crisis since the early.

    The crux of the problem lies in the golden goblet of the 2015 elections, at the moment all roads lead to the 10 million dollar question; who and which party will lead the government in 2015. CHADEMA is inspired, having smelt the blood in the results of the 2010 general elections the party is too eager to capitalize on its gains, cement its new found base and topple CCM all in one fell swoop. On the other corner we have the wounded lion; CCM still trying to sort itself out but the only problem is it doesn't seem to know which self needs the sorting. The grand old party of Tanzania is divided is tearing at the seam, bickering in its ranks and the troops are drunk with confusion. It is no surprise that there is little that resembles cohesion whenever the party speaks.

    Everyday Tanzanians have to endure the tired headlines that seem to have narrowed our future down to CCM or CHADEMA, what a pitiful choice I say! Each party is singularly focused at play one against the other. No single party is unanimous about its own leadership, the solutions they offer to key issues or even who should lead the government should they win. The intra-party feud is so intense that the factions are not prepared to accept the candidate of their own party for a post if he/she happens to belong to a rival faction within the same party. How self-centered are the politics? What brands of leadership are we being asked to subscribe to?

    We know what happens next; when push comes to shove the very same politicians will be willing to offer the post to a particular leader of another party. While asking you the voter to remain loyal to him/her! It is no lie that CHADEMA have the upper hand, successfully selling the perception of an administration that has failed lead, failed to manage and failed to deliver on promises. However in order to counter CHADEMA's campaign CMM would need a singularly focused party with some credibility and a little media savvy, unfortunately neither seems within reach.

    In this era and of this model of democracy, politics is said to be the guiding force behind peace, development and democratization. In Tanzania’s case, it is just the other way around. It is the politic-stupid that has consumed the air and is distracting an entire nation. Be it during the hay days of Mwalimu, ujamaa socialist system or in the present multi-party system, politics are a fundamental factor behind Tanzania's sorry state.

    Politics are seen as a tool to amass wealth by misusing authority. The leaders consider the country and its wealth as their private property. To get to power and to retain it, the parties and politicians apply all possible means - both legal and illegal. The norms, values, laws and ethics are just subjects of public discourse and well practices rhetoric but not to be practiced. This kind of mentality has captured the minds of young and old and ruined the political arena, which has overflowed to pollute every sector of the society. This explains the increasing number of respected professionals, academicians, thugs, businessmen/women that are quickly abandoning their trade for place at the round table!
  2. denoo49

    denoo49 JF-Expert Member

    Jun 2, 2011
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    Nilidhania "new alert"
  3. Waberoya

    Waberoya Platinum Member

    Jun 2, 2011
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    Thanks,is not suprising to witness that those who are 'stupid' politically are wasting time to discuss about Nape or CCM 'things'. They are brainless because they are defending or adoring those parties whose their input to add value of Tanzanian' life is trifling.

    We can play our role by fueling these political parties engaging and focusing on solving problems.Open minded people who are having viable alternatives are highly enviable. If we will be real, we can compel anyone who desire to lead this country to show the difference they will do so, but if we can dance to their tune then we will be rightly matching at the same place! Hence, we will have a chance to qualify or disqualify them. I dont see a political parties that has different agenda from CCM. Honestly!

    At least late professor Shayo had his own theories that might solve our problems. Nyerere had his, though he failed noticeably because of internal and external factors, but he had the convicing vision. I think is the only president who misses the substitute, neither in CCM nor in opposition.
  4. Fredrick Sanga

    Fredrick Sanga JF-Expert Member

    Jun 3, 2011
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    Unataka tufuate za kwako, mbona huna.

    Falsafa ya Chama Cha CDM
    1. Falsafa ni fikra na mtazamo wa Chama ambayo ni kuamini katika “Nguvu na Mamlaka ya Umma” (The People’s Power) katika kumiliki, kuendesha, kubuni, na kuendeleza maamuzi, mawazo, rasilimali, uchumi na siasa ya nchi yao.
    2. Aidha falsafa ya “Nguvu na Mamlaka ya Umma” ndiyo msingi na chimbuko la kuundwa dola ya nchi, na kuwa, Umma ndiyo wenye madaraka ya mwanzo na ya mwisho katika kuamua hatima ya nchi na taifa pasipo kuingiliwa, kudanganywa au kughilibiwa na viongozi, watawala au wageni.
    3. Ujenzi na udumishaji wa Demokrasia na Maendeleo nchini vitatokana na Nguvu na Mamlaka ya Umma wa Watanzania. Nguvu na Mamlaka ya Umma itabainishwa, kuainishwa na kulindwa katika Katiba ya nchi na Umma ndiyo utakuwa chimbuko la Katiba hiyo.
    4. Historia inaonyesha kuwa “UMMA” wa Watanzania haujawahi kuwa na sauti, mamlaka na madaraka juu ya maamuzi ya hatima ya maisha ya watu. Uhuru, nguvu, mamlaka na madaraka wakati wote, tokea enzi za ukoloni mpaka leo, vimekuwa vikihodhiwa na kumilikiwa na watu wachache ambao wana mamlaka ya kuongoza SERIKALI na kuwakandamiza wananchi.
    5. CHADEMA tunaamini kuwa mifumo na miundo ya utawala wa nchi yetu havijawapo kwa ajili ya kuutumikia umma, bali umma ndiyo huzitumikia serikali hizo ambazo ni mali ya watu wachache wanaopoka “Nguvu ya Umma”. Sambamba na hilo, umma wa Watanzania umekuwa hauna mamlaka ya mwisho ya kuhoji maamuzi ya serikali yanayowaathiri watu, na hivyo kujikuta hauna mamlaka juu ya rasilimali, sheria, utawala, na uendeshaji wa nchi. Aidha, Katiba ya Nchi imekuwa miliki ya Serikali kwa kutumia Bunge ambalo linatawaliwa na mawazo kongwe ya ukiritimba wa enzi za mfumo wa Chama kimoja cha siasa nchini.
    6. CHADEMA tunaamini na kutambua kuwa “kuchaguliwa” kuunda utawala wa kuongoza nchi hakumaanishi wachaguliwa kujitwalia mamalaka ya UMMA na kisha kuyatumia mamlaka hayo kuwakandamiza “waliowachagua” kwa sababu tu ya kutetea maslahi binafsi badala ya maslahi ya umma.
    7. Hivyo basi, falsafa ya “Nguvu na Mamlaka ya Umma” ndiyo njia ya msingi ya kubadilisha fikra na uongozi unaokandamiza umma, ili kuibua fikra mpya na kuweka uongozi unaoweza kumilikiwa, kuhojiwa, na kuwajibishwa na umma kwa kutumia vyombo vilivyopatikana kwa utashi wa wengi kupitia chaguzi huru na za haki.
    8. Falsafa ya “Nguvu na Mamlaka ya Umma” inalenga kuwaamsha, kuwahamasisha, kuwaelimisha, kuwashawishi na kuwaandaa Watanzania wachukue hatua ya kuimiliki, kuitawala, kuilinda na kuifaidi nchi yao tofauti na kipindi cha miaka mingi chini ya mfumo wa chama kimoja cha siasa na miaka kumi na nne ya mwanzo ya mfumo wa vyama vingi.
  5. delabuta

    delabuta Senior Member

    Jun 3, 2011
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    Asante mkuu kwa majibu yako kwa ukinukuu Katiba ya CDM wanaamini kwenye nguvu ya umma. wananchi ndio waajiri na si vinginevyo. umenifurahisha sana.
    Nguvu ya ummmaaaaaaaa!
  6. Eiyer

    Eiyer JF-Expert Member

    Jun 3, 2011
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    Unapokuwa maskini unakuwa unadhani ni vigumu sana kuwa tajiri hata kama atakuja mtu kukupa njia nzuri na za wazi za kufanikiwa kutokana na fikra na imani yako ya umaskini,Watanzania kwa miaka 50 wameogelea kwenye umaskini mpaka wameamini umaskini ni uhalali wao na wanastahili kuwa hivyo,uliyosema ni hofu yako na kutokujiamini na kuamini wengine,kila binadam ana mapungufu yake,usiyafanye mapungufu hayo kuwa ndio tabia ya mtu,miaka 50 ya umaskini chini ya ccm ni kwamba ccm wameshindwa,tunahitaji watu wenye mtazamo mpya na mbinu mpya na chama kipya!
  7. p

    pointers JF-Expert Member

    Jun 3, 2011
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    asante kwa taarifa....
  8. Najijua

    Najijua JF-Expert Member

    Jun 3, 2011
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    wenzako hatujui kiingereza
  9. Gold Digger

    Gold Digger Member

    Jun 3, 2011
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    In a situation like ours, we should be looking at the civil society to intervene and through advocacy they could provide the platform to mobilize the people in the interest of the country and speak for those with no voice or political affiliation.
    Unfortunately, our civil society has also fallen victim, they too are partisan; organizations like LEAT, LHCR and Foundation HELP have become politicized and dishonest. When the parties and politicians become the problem, the political system becomes incapable of producing any solutions. The fate of the country is, thus, in the hands of the people.