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Tukisema Hatuna Serikali makini Tz mnakataa, Hebu Soma ya Samonge!

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by ibange, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. i

    ibange JF-Expert Member

    Jun 28, 2011
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    Ni serikali ili promote dawa ya Samonge. Wenye akili tukasema serikali makini haiwezi ku promote dawa ambayo haijathibitika kuwa inatibu. Tukaendelea kusema kwa kuwa watu watadhani wamepona na kuacha kutumia dawa, kutakuwa na virusi sugu vya ukimwi na watu watazidiwa na magonjwa kwa kuamnini wamepona na kuzidiwa. Ukitaka kujua Chadema ni chama makini, hawakushabikia, walipima wakaona hawana ushahidi wakakaa kimya. Serikali nzima kwa kukurupuka waka promote na kuhamia Samonge. Soma story hii

    Samunge Is Not It…But there are many reasons to promote a lie

    By Pat Patten

    Before Samunge, each major hospital in the Arusha area typically saw two to three
    critically high blood sugar cases per week. They now see eight to ten a day.
    Diabetics, most of whom were well controlled and living otherwise healthy lives,
    went to Samunge to be cured. They are now going blind, suffering kidney failure,
    experiencing swelling in their hands and feet, and getting diabetic sores on their
    extremities. They are dying. They need not be. They will leave wives and
    husbands and children behind for no reason except for irrationally placed faith in
    an untested “cure”.

    A classic example is an elderly diabetic whose condition was well controlled with
    pills for years. Several months ago, he started looking quite awful. He had
    started overdosing his oral diabetic medications because the normal dose was no
    longer controlling his blood sugar. He did not consult a doctor, but had himself
    increased his dose to a toxic level. Using properly diagnosed amounts of
    injectable insulin – freely available from government health services – he would
    live a normal life. He did not want to use insulin. Instead, he went to
    Samunge. There, he was trampled by the crowds who hurt one of his legs quite
    badly. He had to wait in line five days to drink the cup. But he did; and he
    proclaimed himself cured. Except for his newly acquired limp, he absolutely looked
    better, no question about it. But what was the real reason for his improvement?
    He had stopped taking the toxic overdose of his diabetic medicine. So of
    course he felt better. He told all his friends about the “miracle cure”.
    His happy reprieve lasted only a short time. He has since been admitted to the
    hospital several times to try and balance his blood sugar. He does not tell his
    friends about this. Behind every apparent “cure”, there is a simpler
    alternate explanation.

    A more tragic example comes from a middle aged woman with seven children. Her high
    blood pressure was successfully controlled for many years with medication. She
    went to Samunge. She took the cup and returned home. She stopped taking her
    medication and would not have her blood pressure taken any more because “she
    believed”. Several weeks later she dropped dead from a massive stroke, leaving
    her husband and children behind. Nobody reports the connection with Samunge.
    What about this woman’s deep faith – and her husband’s and her children’s
    deep faith – when their mother falls over, full of faith and very dead? All
    these deaths are so unnecessary. What destruction is being done! One cannot in
    any way, shape, or form, say that this is God’s will.

    Similar cases exist with AIDS patients. Again, speaking with doctors all over
    Arusha Region, we find hospitals filled with formerly well-controlled AIDS patients
    who have taken the “cure”. They are dying. The mortuary at the hospital
    nearest Samunge is overflowing with the dead. Attendance at AIDS clinics generously
    funded by foreign organizations is dropping. A well designed, well placed medical
    program in our country risks losing significant funding because centres are not
    being frequented as before. And thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, who need
    not die, will die.
    There is a widely reported story, of a woman who claimed to be cured of her AIDS.
    A clinical officer at the hospital (who falsely presented himself to the press as a
    doctor) ‘verified’ the cure. But, there is more to this story. Some time
    ago, the woman and her husband went for HIV testing. He repeatedly tested
    positive. He subsequently died. She, on the other hand, always tested
    negative. After his death, she went to Samunge, drank the cup and went back to the
    hospital to be tested. Surprise! She tested negative. The clinical officer has
    since received a disciplinary letter; but the damage has been done. People are
    placing their faith in a lie, not perhaps on the part of Pastor Masapila, but on the
    part of a clinical officer who misrepresented himself and the situation.

    All sorts of people benefit from these lies. Bus, lorry, taxi and minibus
    operators are thrilled with the extra business. They do not want the flow of sick
    people to Samunge to stop. People selling exorbitantly priced food on the way to
    Samunge are thrilled. There are four helicopters from several countries newly
    based at Arusha Airport . They cater to the well-to-do who want to go to Samunge
    in comfort. Helicopter owners are thrilled. Carpenters and masons in the area
    are thrilled to see their own businesses booming. Proponents of a road across the
    Serengeti through Loliondo are thrilled with the commotion in Samunge. Now they
    say the road is essential for people to get to the cure. Police benefit from the
    5,000 shilling tax levied on Samunge-bound Tanzanian cars or 10,000 shillings from
    Kenyan cars, sometimes levied several times. We are talking about hundreds of
    millions of shillings. There are many reasons to promote a lie.

    There are also religious reasons. Members of a mainline church can now claim that
    one of their own, not a Pentecostal, is the preeminent religious healer in the
    country. Using these lies as a means of promoting a church, a belief system, a
    political agenda or any ideology, is worthy of none of us.
    Factual stories about the cup not curing are abundant. Medically verifiable
    stories of cures are totally absent in the media. Whose interests are being
    served, only the profiteers? It is not responsible for civil or religious leaders
    to promote such death-serving beliefs. It is not enough for someone in authority
    to say that “there is nothing harmful in the potion” much less actually promote
    it. The potion may well be medically safe to drink, but the catastrophic medical
    and spiritual harm this phenomenon has created goes largely unreported.
    There is an important place for faith in our lives. Samunge is not it

  2. Zak Malang

    Zak Malang JF-Expert Member

    Jun 28, 2011
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    Serikali ya CCM sasa ni janga la taifa. Naomba CDM watangaze hivyo. CCM wanairudisha nchi kwenye karne za nyuma eti ili iungwe mkono. It was really disgusting kuona serikali ya CCM inashabakia mambo haya yakizamanii ya tiba za ki-imani!

    Nawaomba ndugu wa jamaa wote wale waliofariki kutokana na imani kwamba serikali iliamini dawa hii wafungue kesi dhidi ya serikali wadai fidia.
  3. Arafat

    Arafat JF-Expert Member

    Jun 28, 2011
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    Tulisema haya kabla leo ndio unajuwa, tumeandika sana hapa juu ya huu ujanja ujanja nyuma ya hayo matibabu lakini wote walipofuka
  4. MANI

    MANI Platinum Member

    Jun 28, 2011
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    Naunga mkono hoja inabidi serekali iwajibike!

    TIMING JF-Expert Member

    Jun 28, 2011
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    serikali yenyewe ilikimbilia samunge kupata 'kikombe'
  6. Mulama

    Mulama JF-Expert Member

    Jun 28, 2011
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    As your name sound "Pat Patten" it is of my opinion that you are not a citizen of Tanzania, I wonder how you can become concern with health state of affair of our country?!
    Had it been Pastor Mwasapile is from one of the countries alleged to be genius and innovator of everything around the globe I bet nothing could have brought suspicions or complains from you or any others with alienated minds!
    Beside it seems you are working on rumours with no enough evidence to prove what you are publicising here, be advised that you go and find enough information about cure at Loliondo before have anything to say to the esteemed people of jf and the whole Tanzanians
  7. Daffi

    Daffi JF-Expert Member

    Jun 28, 2011
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    Serikali yetu ni mizigo mizito inayotoa majasho kwa wananchi wake!hivi kweli katika karne hii serikali inaamin katika dawa ambayo hayajathibitishwa kitaalam?sijui
  8. Manumbu

    Manumbu JF-Expert Member

    Jun 28, 2011
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    Ukiwa na mkuu wa nchi anayeamini ktk dawa za design hii unategemea nini? serikali nzima ilihamia huko. waziri wa afya alipiga kelele kupinga akazimwa mdomo. kwlei tunaongozwa na janga la kitaifa!
  9. Lukolo

    Lukolo JF-Expert Member

    Jun 28, 2011
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    Kwa kweli signature yangu ninaona ina mantiki kabisa. Hivi ni lini serikali ya nchi yoyote ilishawahi kuwa na control na mambo ya imani ya watu? How many witch doctors and traditional healers out there ambao wanafanya kazi zao pasipo kuingiliwa na serikali? Kwa hiyo unataka kusema ingekuwa serikali ya CHADEMA au CUF ingezuia wananchi wasiende huko ilihali wengi wao walikuwa wanajitambulisha kwamba wamepona?

    Ninakumbuka katibu mkuu wa wizara ya afya alizuia watu wasiendelee kunywa ile dawa hadi hapo itakapothibitishwa na timu ya wataalamu ambayo ilitumwa kwenda kuichunguza, lakini watu walimjia juu. Na zaidi ya yote, wasomi wetu kutoka Mhimbili walikwenda kule wakaitafiti ile dawa na wakatwambia ni salama. Sasa serikali inalaumiwa kwa lipi? Hebu tujaribu kuitendea haki hiyo serikali, si kila ujinga wetu tunausukumia kwa serikali. Mimi nilidhani tungevilaumu vyombo vya habari vilivyompublicize babu, pia tungewalaaumu wataalamu wale waliokwenda kuchunguza ile dawa, wakatuambia ni salama.

    Serikali imetoa polisi na vifaa vingi tu kwa ajili kulinda usalama wa wananchi waliokuwa wanakwenda huko samunge, yakiwemo maturubai, huduma ya kwanza, kutoa gari la kusaidia kubeba mizizi, kuwalipa wachimbaji wa hiyo mizizi na kusimamia utaratibu wa watu kwenda huko. Hii yote ilikuwa ni kuwasaidia wananchi hawa wakapate ibada yao katika hali ya usalama na urahisi zaidi. Sasa mlitaka nini zaidi ya hayo?

    Katika suala la Samunge I am for the government na katika hilo nitaitetea serikali kwa nguvu zote hata kama antgovernment wenzangu watanipinga. Vaa viatu vya serikali halafu sema ungekuwa wewe ungefanyeje katika hali iliyokuwepo those days. Lets be realistic guys, siyo suala la kulaumu tu. Badala yake tujilaumu wenyewe na ujinga wetu.
  10. M

    Mapujds JF-Expert Member

    Jun 28, 2011
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    Hali ilikuwa tata ka serikali sema tatizo la serikari ni moja watendaji wake wengi walikwenda na kujitangaza,hili liliwapa moyo wananchi kuwa dawa inatibu.why kama serikali haikusubili wataalamu wake wathibitishe ndipo nao waende?serikali hapa ina lawama zake.
  11. p

    plawala JF-Expert Member

    Jun 28, 2011
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    Lukolo.........Na zaidi ya yote, wasomi wetu kutoka Mhimbili walikwenda kule wakaitafiti ile dawa na wakatwambia ni salama
    hapa sio kweli,huwezi kutenganisha serikali na wataalamu wake.
  12. Nduka

    Nduka JF-Expert Member

    Jun 28, 2011
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    What is the point of quoting the whole article? Just to play with you