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Feb 3, 2009
Introducing to you 6 best free wifi software, now these are free software and also have a paid version, used to install on your computer.

In this article, I will introduce to you the top 6 best free wifi transmitters today, these are free software and also have paid versions, used to install on your computer.

As you know, WiFi has become an essential need for the lives and jobs of so many people. Most users today are connected to WiFi by computers or mobile devices.

However, what if you want to turn your laptop into a WiFi hotspot? The answer is very simple that you should immediately refer to 6 software that I have summarized below.

1. Connectify Hotspot wifi generator​

[ Connectify Hotspot ] is one of the most popular software that can turn your computer into a free WiFi hotspot. This software includes a free version and two paid versions ( Pro and Max ). The free version only allows users to share the internet via Ethernet or WiFi. Meanwhile, the two paid versions will be equipped with additional features that are mobile data sharing.

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However, all three versions of Connectify Hotspot have the same feature that is monitoring network capacity used by real-time measurement, as well as blocking ads for devices. connect. However, I still recommend that you use the paid version because users will experience more features including custom SSID selection, firewall settings and use the wired router mode.

You can download it here.

2. HostedNetworkStarter wifi generator​

[ HostedNetworkStarter ] is one of the software that allows you to broadcast the best WiFi on [ Windows ] OS . With the same features as other hotspot software, HostedNetworkStarter will help users create a wifi hotspot through the wireless network adapter on their laptop, and then all connected devices will have access to internet with laptop easily.

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HostedNetworkStarter is fully supported on laptops running Windows 7/8/10 , including 32- and 64-bit versions. To use HostedNetworkStarter, all you need to do is download the zip file, extract and install it. In addition, if you are a curious person, you can create more functions for this software using the very interesting command line.

You can download it here.

3. Wifi mspotspot generator software​

[ mHotspot ] is a completely free software and you will not need to pay any extra fee to own the features of mHotspot. mspotspot allows you to share your ethernet, mobile network, LAN and WiFi connections via other devices on a variety of platforms such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

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Therefore, mHotspot is trusted and used by a lot of users because of the utilities that it brings. Mspotspot is currently supported on many versions of Windows, such as Windows 7, 8 and 10.

In addition, users can connect up to 10 devices when connected to this software, as well as it can act as a professional wifi router to improve wifi coverage.

You can download it for free here.

4. Ostoto Hotspot wifi generator​

If you are looking for a completely free and easy-to-use software for your laptop, Ostoto Hotspot will be one of the options that you should not ignore. This software will turn your laptop into a WiFi hotspot for multiple devices connected at the same time.

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For Ostoto Hotspot software, users will not be limited in the type of network connection when they want to connect to the wifi. So with this software, you can freely choose and use network connections including WiFi, Ethernet network, LAN or mobile network to conduct wifi on your laptop.

Currently Ostoto Hotspot is compatible with all versions of Windows. You can download it here.

5. Wifi Router Virtual Router Plus software​

Created by programmer Chris Pietschmann, this software is currently one of the best free WiFi transmitters you can use. [ Virtual Router Plus ] is written in C + programming language and is compatible with versions of Windows 7,8, 10, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012.

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To use the Virtual Router Plus software, you'll need to download a zip file, open the file, and run the .exe file to install and use it. Users can be assured of Virtual Router Plus because they will not contain any tracking spyware even on users' surfing activities and will not have any ads inserted when using. Use this software. Simply because it uses WPA2 encryption to keep the security and privacy of users.

You can download it here.

6. MaryFi wifi software​

This is an extremely powerful software and is compatible with versions [ Windows 7 ] and above. You can use [ MaryFi ] to create wifi hotspots and connect them to most electronic devices such as computers, phones, music players and other gaming devices. During use, you will find that MaryFi gives very good and stable WiFi coverage.

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The MaryFi user interface is very simple with basic setup menus to make it easier for users to use. In addition, MaryFi also has access to memory to share files between different devices without having to connect via network cables.

You can download it here.

So I have introduced to you the Top 6 best wifi transmitters today, hope that with the software that I have compiled above will help the wifi broadcasting needs of everyone. Good luck!

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