Tips to recover scratched cd


JF-Expert Member
Aug 26, 2010
1. Spread a cloth on a flat surface and place the CD on it.
2. Then, hold the disc with one hand, use the other to wipe the polish into the affected area with a soft cloth.
3. Wait for it to dry and buff using short, brisk strokes along the scratch, not across it.
4. A cloth sold to wipe spectacles or camera lenses will work well.
5. When you can no longer see the scratch,wash the disc with water and let it dry before playing.
I have used toothpaste with good effects before I have also used car paint cutting compound on deeper scratches. It does leave lots of smaller scratches (as it is a cutting compound after all) but it will remove the worst scratches in most cases.

But I don't guarantee that its going to work,but its worth trying

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