Things Women wish Men Knew



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Jul 16, 2009


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Don't ever lie to us, we alwayz find out.

We don't enjoy talking dirty as much as much as you enjoy listening

Don't say you understand when you don't

Girls are pretty, but yours is the prettiest.

You don't have PMS; don't act like you know what its like.

Saying something sweet might get you off the hook;doing something sweet will always get you off the hook.

We absolutely DO NOT care about monster trucks, car systems, paintball or anyhting else you and your friends talk about.

We don't like it when you act like Mr. Big

Hugs and kisses must be given at all times.

Its good to be sensitive, sometimes.

If you did something wrong or even if you didn't, apologize.

Be spontaneous; dinner and a movie won't always cut it.

We are self-conscious by nature; we can't help it.

We are DrAmA queens.

Shave! no matter how cool you think your goatee or beard or moustache looks, we hate it.

Even if you think it is cool to burp, fart or emittother strange gases from your body, it is not.

We will always think we are fat; so humor us and tell us we aren't.

Don't make bets about us; we always find out.

We are beautiful at all times.

Most importantly; we are always right; so don't forget

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