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The democracy of the party for democracy and progress (cdm)

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by TandaleOne, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. TandaleOne

    TandaleOne JF-Expert Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    Some days ago, mark it a month, in the United Nations assembly when Iranian president Ahmadinejad deliver a spicy broadside against United State the delegation from USA moved out of the hall. He just called them “colonial masters and slave masters” the fact which is vividly correct. Yes, he was practicing democracy which provides him the freedom to make a free speech. People expected Ahmadinejad will incur some possible threat, ban or any ultimatum from USA but the best thing the USA did was getting out of the ring, for the facts provided leaves them naked.
    Back in our land, CHADEMA the party with the word democracy within its name, has gone far to define democracy out of the contemporary understanding of the term and by every possible chance their meaning alter the scholarly definition of the term.
    CDM trying to embody the concept of democracy has the virtual figure that comes at its best under their practices and performance covered in the name of politics. It’s like they just establish new concept which doesn’t exist before in the land by which people had no insight over it, they define the concept in their own way, the meaning which disconnects historical background of the concept and its workability upon our land, as a nation.
    Democracy is a difficult and necessarily arduous process. It is about citizens and states organizing through an institutional core in a common effort for societal betterment and justice. Focused on the current swirling motion of democracy and it’s imposed newly understanding which basically unwary its aftermath, CDM does not take us to the true democracy, for their democracy is ceremonial - family based, apathy and vulnerable. Mind you, I don’t say CCM, CUF or NCCR’s democracy is perfect, but I say at least it concur with our level of understanding and correlate to basic virtuous of our people.
    I have witnessed many threats to democracy. While many are obvious, the most dangerous are subtle. It is not empty stomachs, impunity or corruption alone that jeopardizes democracy, it is their accumulated effects. The greatest threat to democracy does not always come from poverty but from the collected effects of uniaxial dogmatism and insecurity. The fact that predominantly exist in CDM, analyze the situation below;
    • Why ZITTO (the man in his kind) and SHIBUDA is the threat to CDM godfathers.
    • Why concentration of power and positions to same names.
    • Why always letting people die by its influence and take advantage of the funerals and the dead.
    • Why zonation and division.
    • Why imprisoning mind and banning of the free speeches to its member and party prominent figures who think otherwise.
    • Why too negative to gvt, rule of law and encourage sabotage.
    • Why purporting that citizens got nothing to do with the poor economic but just the victims of the system, the fact which is typically fallacy. A genuinely fundamental and hopeful improvement in political and economic system cannot happen without a significant shift in people’s consciousness, and that it cannot be accomplished through a simple organizational trick of CDM.
    There must come a time for people to realize that in the nation which democracy prevails in its ultimate level the contradictions and arguments upon matters related to leadership and ruling system are unavoidable. The godfathers should be eager to criticism and opposite consciences of its party members.
    In my view, CDM place the democratic process above themselves. We must be disciplined in our devotion to the democratic process through understand ways of our people. We can move out of parliamentary and political assembly if we feel offended and dissatisfied but not letting others die for our sake, it’s a fact that we can’t negate, that the death all over (ARUSHA, MARA, IGUNGA etc) was never triumphant, there is nothing more tragic than a life cut short-one that has not been allowed to bloom to its fullest potential, we don’t want this to happen anymore towards our struggle to democracy.
    THUS, I say, this is democracy of the party for democracy and progress…!
  2. u

    utantambua JF-Expert Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    If I were your supervisor and this was your research proposal I would have condemned it straight to the dustbin.
  3. m

    mharakati JF-Expert Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    CDM claims against this is that theirs is a young party, that need to get stronger and to get more power they must play their best cards, (ukanda, udini to a lesser extent than CCM's, suppresion of open debates or should i say fervent preaching of "we dont have to waste energy and expose our weaknesses as we have a strong enemy out there to conquer so everybody should accept the word of the commander(s) and march on together without a second thought).

    It seems like we are in the war of liberation all over again in the 2000's, this perceived strength to others is a major weakness to many others. If democracy is about different views and compromise why joining CDM, wakati these are exciting times to bash someone/something, assert your views, differentiate yourself and your political talent on the old political platform; CCM?
  4. afroPianist

    afroPianist Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    Is your post some kind of political analysis, critique, academic analysis or just political propaganda and brain wash?

    I'm asking myself this because i do not find consistency in your argumentation except for the fact that you were heavily biased top to bottom, that you had your conclusion or rather a point of view first and then latter started cutting "news paper clips " ( without the full story, just parts you wanted, the good old "fanatic style") to justify your conclusion.

    You are using "democracy" as an umbrella to totally discredit the party, pretending to forget all the democratic processes that have always taken part in Chadema and taken it to where it is today, and falling in the lousy trap of yet trying to associate "ukanda na udini" with the party.

    You are entitled to your own opinion and critiques are the political parties' best friend because it is such criticisms that enable the parties to fine tune and re-allign.
    But clearly that is not your intention or is it?

    If you think democracy in the party is not solid, perhaps more vivid examples would give life to your argument ( not mere speculation about Zitto and Shibuda being a threat) it ain't enough cos guess why, in politics everything and everyone can seem like a threat at some point, it's about the state of mind!
  5. afroPianist

    afroPianist Member

    Oct 25, 2011
    Joined: Nov 3, 2010
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    Have you forgotten who commaned the police to fire at the people? When they demonstrated, they were using there democratic right, not hoping to be killed by CCM government but simply wanting a recast of city mayoral votes. Who is the one to blame for not respecting democracy now? Had CHADEMA wanted to use chaos and deaths to gain power, they could have after 2010 presidential elections, they had all evidence of the votes being rigged, a good cause and a huge support of willing people to take to the streets, and yet it choose not to!