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The answer for your health is here!

Discussion in 'JF Doctor' started by KENTUS, May 31, 2012.

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    TIENS! TIENS! THIS IS THE SECRATE OF YOUR HEALTH FROM TIENS AN EXPERIENCE OF MORE THAN 5000 YEARS OF USING TRADITIONAL WAY OF LIVING! TIANSHI CALCIUM POWDER WITH PUMPKIN Tianshi calcium with pumpkin is developed mainly for people who have high blood sugar levels and produced for the supply of daily calcium need in diabetic people. Tianshi diabetic calcium contains more than 600mg calcium per box. It contains a supplement of pumpkin powder, among which facilitates effective secretion from the pancreas and liver. It suppresses the accumulation of a particular protein which is special in diabetic cases. It contains malt rootlet which can propagate bacillus in the small intestine and improves the body's immune system. Wheat grass substance helps strengthen immune system. Our product Tianshi Calcium Powder with pumpkin is 100% natural and has low calories, low fat, no sucrose. Tianshi Calcium Powder with pumpkin low in calories, fat, and with no sugar ingredients, is an ideal natural product for diabetic persons who suffer lack of calcium. Its preparation is fully pure and natural. TIENS ZINC CAPSULES The biological significance was defined at the end of XIX c. and people used zinc unguent even 5000 years ago. Zinc is essential for functioning of all cells of organism. The lack of zinc may be the reason of epilepsy, schizophrenia and other psychological diseases, general fatigue of the organism, allergy, diabetes, adenoma of prostate, cataract, deafness, heart, digestive system, dermal and optic diseases as well changes in the oral mucous membrane. Zinc as catalyser, participates in activation of more that 200 ferments in the organism, synthesis of nucleic acid, DNA and RNA, circulation of hormones (especially sexual hormones) as well as directly influence collagens of tissue and skeleton and improves eyesight. The lack of zinc was diagnosed for the first time in 1961 in Iran for young men of small height and big head who had reduced sexual potency and limited potential to have children. Zinc is essential element for organism and it is concentrated in prostate, ovum, ovaries ad most often in sperm, ocular retina, skin, hair, nails, kidneys, livers and other internals. There is 1,4-2,3g of zinc in the organism of a healthy man. The natural source of zinc is oysters, shrimps, herrings, liver, mushrooms, grains, seeds of sunflower and watermelon. An average person needs 10-20 mg of zinc per day and pregnant women should get 30 mg of zinc per day Use of Tiens Zinc Capsules: • for prophylaxis and infertility; • for dermal diseases; • for prostate diseases; • for strengthening of immunity ; • for diabetes (helps to reduce the dose of insulin), neuro-psychic diseases, retarded sore and acceleration of wound healing; • for prophylaxis of cataract, retarded alcoholism, arteriosclerosis, myopia and treatment of renal deficiency, in cases of diarrhea of various origin, for attenuation of climacteric symptoms; for prophylaxis and treatment of articular diseases; • while healing variations in oral mucous membrane, variations of taste sense and reducing weight; • for blocking the process of aging. Main ingredients of Tiens Zinc: Egg protein powder, glucose, zinc lactate, magnesium stearate, talc, gelatin To be taken orally 1 capsule, 3 times a day Tiens chitosan Chitosan is a type of fiber food found in crustaceans such as prawns and crabs. The main ingredient, chitin, helps in reducing cholesterol in the blood, prevent hardening of arteries, strengthening of the kidney and the elimination of heavy metals found within the body. Tiens Chitosan capsules contain 85% of acid deacetyl which is high in purity and quality that makes it the best organic health food of modern times. Chitosan is capable of revitalizing cell functions, relieve fatigue, speeds up the recuperating process and slows ageing. Chitosan can also inhibit the digestion and assimilation of lipids, absorb and eliminate cholesterol, thus preventing heart diseases. Chitosan, through the ingredient chitin polysaccharides, can strengthen the liver by absorbing toxins in the body and is capable of increasing the pH value of the body, secretion and usage of insulin, and reduces blood glucose of the diabetic condition. Positive ions in chitosan absorbs and eliminates heavy metal toxins from the body, providing a balanced body electrolyte for good health. Chitosan can be used to enhance the anti-bacterial ability of friendly bacteria, increase the population of friendly bacteria within the liver, improve the digestive function and enhance assimilation of nutrients by the body as well as restore liver functions. Benefits of Chitosan 1. Reduces Blood Lipid 2. Strengthens The Liver 3. Reduces Blood Glucose Level 4. Prevention of High Blood Pressure 5. Absorption of Heavy Metal 6. Helps in Excretion 7. Improves Digestive Function TIENS(TIANSHI) ANTILIPEMIC TEA Antilipemic Tea is composed of extracts from green tea, lotus leaves , jiaogulan and zhishouwu(two herbs native to China). Their essentials make the tea functional in health-keeping and fragrant in smell. Furthermore, this tea can decrease cholesterol, expel internal heat and help better digest. The last two herbs are for invigorating kidney, the key organ in our body which adjust and coordinates the over-all physical condition; the former two ingredients for relieving inflammation or internal heart. These functions are indispensable for preserving health in the traditional Chinese natural medicine theory which emphasize primarily on the importance of Yin-Yang balance (two intangible, abstract concepts similar to the negative and positive in nature). Antilipemic Tea is hence best for enhancing vitality in a natural way without chemical side effects, which is also rendered as the ideal way in Chinese health culture. Herbagynostemma It's known as “herb of luck” as it's quite useful in health-keeping. There are 13 of its kind in the world and 11 of them are indigenously in China. In the 70’s, 84 saponins were discovered in them Among them ten kinds of the chemical elements are similar in properties to ginseng, another tonic herb, that jiaogulan is also labeled 'alternate for ginseng' . This herb is good for a number of diseases extraordinarily for preventing cardiovascular disorder, regulating immunity, enhancing constitution (anti- fatigue & anoxic). Compared with popular ginseng, this herb is more temperate due to 74 kinds of the saponins inside, and it can be free from side effects from taking ginseng while functions what ginseng can in preserving health. Main Ingredients : Herba gynostemma pentaphyllum, folium nelumbinis, radix poligoni mutiflori, green tea, semen cassiae Suggested Use of Antilipemic Tea: Put one sachet of antilipemic tea in 1 liter warm boiled water for 10-15 minutes, drink it all day long ( 0,5 liter between breakfast and lunch and the other half between lunch and diner)One sachet can be used several times. Users unsuitable : Children TIENS TIANSHI SPIRULINA Tiens Spirulina Main Ingredients: Spirulina Powder, Karoten. Tiens Spirulina Capsule is selected from unpolluted, long exposure to sunlight type of Spirulina from Lake Chati area. It is better than those artificially grown in terms of purity. Tiens Spirulina is made of dried Spirulina. The result of scientific research has confirmed that Spirulina contains easy-to-digest vegetable protein, various vitamins and essential fatty acid (GLA) that is rare to find in other foods. Every 100 grams of Tiens Spirulina contains over 60 mg beta-carotene as well as a significant amount of Vitamin E that work within the body as powerful antioxidants. Additionally, the high concentration of the B group vitamins found in Spirulina is believed to help maintain healthy nerves, skin, hair, eyes and liver. Spirulina Main Benefits: • Prevents and inhibits cancerous oral lesions • Stimulates immune defenses and inhibits replication of certain viruses • Prevents heart disease (lowers cholesterol) • Provides antioxidants and other nutrients • Increases energy and mood • Improves weight loss TIANSHI CALCIUM WITH LECITHIN (BRAIN CALCIUM) • This product is mainly processed from zymolytic bone calcium powder, lecithin, taurine, VB1, VB12, VC, b-cyclodextrin. Functional experiment has shown that this product can help hypermnesia. Zymolytic bone calcium powder, lecithin, taurine, VB1, VB12, VC, b-cyclodextrin Lecithin: 35%, Taurine: 2% • • Product was developed for those who wish healthy brain and memory function 1. Strokes and brain circulation disorders. 2. Chronic fatigue. 3. The diseases of central nervous system including multiple sclerosis 4. The diseases of digestive tract and skin. 5. Old-age dementia. 6. Climacteric period. 7. Disorders in sexual area (frigidity and impotence). 8. Various forms of maniac-depressive states, especially when antidepressants do not help. 9. Stressful states, paresis and apoplexy. 1 box contains 18 capsules Recommended Use : 3 capsules a day LECITHIN EFFECTS ON HUMAN HEALTH Lecithin( Phosphatidyl cholines) a phosphatide of glycerol is a substance with very important physiological functions. It contains an indispensable moiety the choline which is extremely important to human health. In the body two matters depend upon each other to accomplish its bio-activity. 1)Lecithin has the action to retard senility. Lecithin is an important constituent of biological membrane. It may play the role as the prosthetic agent to restore the damaged membrane and thus retard senility. 2) Lecithin can promote nerve conductance and increase cerebral activity. 3) Lecithin can promote ciliary movement, muscular contraction, accelerate epidemical healing, increase the activity of insulin and enhance the functions of bone and nerve cells. It can be used to improve the treatment of neurosis or other nervous diseases to obtain a more satisfactory therapeutic result especially during the recovery of epilepsy and dementia. 4) Lecithin can regulate blood cholesterol level to maintain a normal standard requirement. 5) Lecithin can promote fat metabolism to prevent the occurrence of fatty liver. Lecithin contains choline which can prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver to avoid fatty liver formation. Therefore lecithin and choline were used clinically for the treatment of cirrhosis hepatitis and other liver diseases with satisfactory results. Tiens(Tianshi) Products containing lecithin : Tiens Calcium with Lecithin( Brain Calcium) , Tiens Vitality Soft Gels.  NB: o For more information visit: , or ,  +255755569494
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    Biashara Matangazo!!!! :lock1: