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terrible mistake good samaritan foundation have

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by kcmc-students, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. k

    kcmc-students Member

    Jan 22, 2011
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    :A S shade:provost egbeth kessy

    truly am sort of kind being disappointed with this baba who kipping heading this institut e rudely for the past sixteen year at his own as resultwith poor and detoriation of the academic perfomance ,of which result to his poor administration .
    where by most of lecturer such of proffesor to be very few in our college and some left the schhoool in the hands of assistant tutorials like residents student in different department we have.
    surely it very discouraging seeing u dont get what you deserve despite of paying the whole fees structure but yet everything goes wrong .
    for sure bishop malasusa we need change ,we need a new provost in our college at least he would become with new ideas and good governance
    you can try to see the person who keep prouding his student comes out with flying colours at the time of completion and really the college facilitate at his all powers to make sure every student is at peace and harmony,kcmc being the best place ever for him or her. the man then destroy the good vision of GSF by ruling rudely and try to steal from student at every areas concerns student.

    in the side of fees structure he has published at tcu website that the fee structure is 2.6M of which in the late of last year he has been asking the student to pay 4.23M the money which is twice of that every joined student would probably suprised at the mid of the course asked to pay .

    he lied to HESLB that we currently having the field work in the first year and second year the thing of which dosent exist any more so the money was kept on his pocket together with bursar for their own reason,how bad is that.when the student strikes and resisted to pay so then the resolution commitee come with a solution of being rembursed.

    he has increased the cost for the rewsidential permit for the foreign student from 120usd to 500usd and really it has been troublesome for them to pay while knowing the currently charge is 120usd.

    the residential who keeps foreigner its not different as for those who are in their motherland tanzanians being charged 700usd per month 3m for 3m rooms and he has to share the room with another collide and not self contained room ,no internet service or even meals provided .this is totaly a theft.

    he also keeps paying the staff for less and no availlable lecturers in the college .
    teachers over here have been payed 10 thousand per 2hour of which in HKMU OR IMTU they do pay around 60 to 80 thousand for two hours tutorials.
  2. Mpevu

    Mpevu JF-Expert Member

    Jan 22, 2011
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    this is hot, let me hav a look at it once again ili niielewe.
  3. N

    Ng'wamagigisi Member

    Jan 23, 2011
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    Duuu...let me go eat & try reading it once again. Might be able to comprehend the main point when am full