Tanzania pilots to fly FastJet aircraft


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Jul 29, 2006
By Emmanuel Onyango | The Guardian | 17th November 2012

FastJet authorities said they will recruit Tanzanians to be among 30 pilots of the newly locally established low cost carrier, its Chief Commercial officer, Richard Bodin, said in Dar es Salaam on Thursday.

The firm has recruited the pilots to fly three airbus A319 planes which will arrive in Tanzania to start operations in two weeks time, Bodin said.

He said this in an interview with The Guardian during the launch of official ticket sale for a plane for first domestic flight operations in the country at end of this month.

He said the company was looking for professionally trained Tanzanians to maintain high standards of safety, without specifying the number of the needed local pilots.

Fastjet aircraft arrival is seen by some observers as relief to Tanzania pilots said to have be searching for jobs with little success, the Professional Association of Tanzania Pilots (PATP) said.

PATP Secretary General Capt. Khalib Iqbal, once a Precision Air pilot, is reported as saying: "Tanzania has enough qualified pilots to fly any type of aircraft.

"It is unfortunate aircraft companies ignore them because of bureaucracy in the aviation industry which is notorious for discriminating against the local pilots," he added.

He praised a government circular stating: "Aircraft owners or operators are urged to give priority of employment to Tanzanian nationals."

The circular, signed by former Director General of the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority Aviation (TCAA) Engineer Margreth Munyagi in June 2011 follows cancellation of an earlier one introduced in 2004.

Fastjet which acquired Fly 540 has Europe based Easyjet as shareholder aspires to become pan-African low cost carrier by treading on terrain which several other aircraft have failed to operate.

Fastjet homogeneous fleet will only consist of airbus A319 planes which have already been approved by the Tanzania aviation industry experts to be fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

The aircraft will be flying to Mwanza and Kilimanjaro from Dar es Salaam twice a day at a fare of $ 20 (Approximately Sh32,000) one-way excluding taxes and other charges. According to Bodin, a minimum fare will be made available to a traveler who books early and within a specified scheduled time.

"We look forward to bringing a great, reliable and affordable service," he said, adding his company was determined to seek business opportunity to open up low cost travel.

He noted that there were Tanzanians travelling by air domestically today than any other time, assuring opportunities for growth given the expanding middle class and their rising disposable income.

The airline company adds to 72 air operators already registered with the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authorities as of August 31 this year. Statistics made available by TCAA shows that out of 72, only 49 are in internal operations and none of them tackles international direct flight.

Fastjet is incorporated in England and Wales under the companies Act 1985 with registered number 05701801 and its registered office is Suite 2C, First Point Buckingham Gate, and Gatwick Airport, RH6 0NT.


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Jun 29, 2012
Its time to live out of stereotyping,
Vijana wana vipaji vya urubani wapewe kazi hizo, Na ni muda wa kuongeza vyuo vya Aviation kama Air Wing kule ukonga.
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